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In today’s world, lot of men, women and children use fairness creams. It is estimated these kinds of creams are mostly used in India, Pakistan, USA, Sri Lanka and UK. It is very difficult to choose from wide variety but one of the best and most famous skin whitening is carotene nourishing and fairness cream. Some other big names are Olay, Ponds, Nivea, Pearl and Garnier and prices are different.  It is very important that you buy cream for dry or oily skin. Most of these have same effects on skin and face.


# 1: Olay 

Olay is well known brand in the world. Their cream has B3, Vitamin E and Pro b five. Natural White is for men and women with dry skin. People with oily skin should not use this cream but it has lot of moisture. You can use it 2 times a day. Currently it comes in 50g.



Peal cream can fair your face in fifteen days. It also has money back guarantee. In Hyderabad India its price is Rupees 18 hundred but slightly different in other areas. You can use this cream at night.


Main Benefits:


·    Clinically proven to work

·    Fully Natural

·    Protects from sunlight exposure

·    Pleasant smell

·    Effective for men and women

·    No sticky-greasy residue

·    Side effect free


Bottom line:


Results with Pearl   are impressive. If there is one skin bleaching cream in the market that comes close to the effectiveness of other best creams, than it is Pearl  . The company claims that Pearl   has helped thousands of people experience skin whitening naturally. We find this claim to be absolutely legitimate.




Garnier has wide variety of creams for different uses such as garnier light overnight cream for whitening and is used at night. Another is daily moisturizer, that would not only whiten you skin but also keep your face young looking. It is available in different sizes.



 Neutrogena fine fairness cream comes in 50g, 100g and 200g sizes. It gives not only better lighten look to face but vitamins like B2, C etc makes our face more white and young. Brand also has lot of other products including cosmetics, anti aging, cleansers, face and body wash, baby and kids sunscreen, Men facial cleanser, gel and lot of other beauty products.


Fair and Lovely


Fair and lovely is not new name. It is brand of Unilever International. It has men face wash with the name MAX Fairness cream. For women multi Vitamin face wash is available. Anti marks for blemish less fair skin. It gives results in 4 to 5 weeks. Price is very affordable compared to other international brands.


Some other best fairness cream in market are ponds, Himalaya, clear, herbals, loreal, magic, oriflamme, lotus, fairever, nafia, emami and lakme.

How we rated different skin lightening systems?

When investigating various systems, there are certain points that we considered in our research study. Few of these include:

•  Effectiveness:  Do crèmes really stand up to the claims made by companies that manufacture them?
•  Side Effects: Are there any form of untold side effects mild or severe?

•  Cost:  Is the cost of the product justifiable with the results it delivers.

•  Past user experience: Success rate of past users is the strongest indication we take into consideration. There is no superior way to know about the best option than directly inquiring from people who have had used various skin bleaching remedies.


While the potential for fast results vary from one individual to another due to various factors. After viewing large number of before and after pictures, our data indicates that users of above mentioned formulas start to notice lighter skin within 2 weeks from the start of the program and can achieve maximum results in 4 months.




Skin Tips

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Best Foods for Skin and Hair


Beautiful skin is not only reason of compliments and praises but its beauty also proves your health and physical condition. Therefore, it is very important to care your skin and don’t ignore even tiny skin problems. Most of men and women give much attention to outer skin treatment and gives lot of time and money. Now it is the time of change, skin shouldn’t be treated not only with outer treatment but with simple and natural foods. Below are some foods tips for skin care.



How to reduce wrinkles with simple foods? Try to include lentil in your food to get rid of wrinkles. Olive oil is far better than other cooking oils for cooking meals. Modern research proves us that lentils, beans, vegetables and olive oil protect skin against wrinkles. Scientists also found that foods can play 33 percent role to prevent skin from wrinkles. Take those foods with doctor’s recommendation which can maintain your blood sugar level at normal. Experts say that slight high level of sugar can gives impression of 6 month older than your actual age. Thus, give attention to your food to avoid skin problems.


Complexion / skin tone

 Double your intake of foods with green leaves vegetables and fruits if your skin becomes rough and dry. Research proves us that capsicum, carrots and oranges types of fruits and vegetables have lot of karotenoid which is very essential for skin tone. Some people in UK were given extra plates of fruits and vegetables in a research for few weeks and in end those all found their extra shiny and beautiful complexion. Therefore, this simple and natural tip should be applied. Just keep in mind that try to eat vegetables and fruits in salad rather than after cooked.



Experts say that while plane flour, bakery products and pasta etc are source of bacteria growth rapidly that makes acne in body. Besides this, bad quality carbohydrates also make acne on skin. For this, try to eat whole wheat breads, you would prevent yourself 50% of acne chances. Lac of zinc in body is also a cause of acne. So, include low fat meat in your diet. Eat 125 grams of meat after cooking on grill, it’ll increase zinc level in body.


Skin cancer

To prevent this awful disease eat more spinach. Australian researches say that green leaves vegetables; especially spinach has lot of folic acids and other important nutrition ingredients which are very helpful in increasing immune system of body. They decrease 50 percent chances of skin cancer by eating spinach 3 times in a week. Besides this, eat vegetables salads and use slices of lemon on cooked vegetables. All citrus fruits have natural power to fight with cancer.  


Sun Burnt Skin

 Lycopene is found in tomatoes which is natural antioxidant and it prevents from skin burnt. Using tomatoes paste in daily foods avoid us from sun burnt 33 %. It also helps in making skin more beautiful and young. Experts advise to cook tomatoes only for 2 to 3 minutes in olive oil to get more results.


Dry and Sensitive Skin

Eating dark chocolate and linseed oil are very useful for dry skin. Omega 3 and antioxidant in these foods are especially helpful to get rid of dry and rough skin. Study also shows that melted chocolate also effects as well. But heat reduces unsaturated fats found in linseed oil.



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