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This page is best source for Essay, Thesis, Articles, . You can fin here best essay Urdu and English topics on Pakistan, Islam, population, corruption and other topics for kids and students of every grade and class. We have also selected some best websites that offers How to write essays.


Essay Topics

Here is a list of new narrative, Analysis and Descriptive Essays in English, Hindi and Urdu.




  1. My First Day at New Job
  2. My Most Awkward Experience
  3. First Visit to a National Museum
  4. How Paper is Made?
  5. How to choose a friend?
  6. The Experience of First Day at College
  7. My Favourite Movie Character
  8. Effects of Social Websites
  9. Village VS City Life (Comparison)
  10.  Smartphones vs Tablets


  1. بچت کرنے کے طریقے
  2. گاڑیوں کے شور کے صحت پر اثرات
  3. فاسٹ فوڈ کے نقصانات
  4. بچوں میں انٹرنیٹ کا استعمال
  5. آج کو دور میں دوسری زبانیں سیکھنے کی اہمیت
  6. مثبت سوچ کا ہماری زندگی پر اثر
  7. میری زنگدی کا سب سے مشکل فیصلہ
  8. اگر میں ایک دن کے لیے ملک کا وذیراظم ہوں تو
  9. اس صدی کی سب سے اہم ایجاد



More Essay Topics in English


Although you can write Urdu and English essays on thousands of different topics but here is the list of most famous topic that are very useful for classes and grad 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or even higher classes in Colleges and Universities. There are very huge chances that few of these can also come in competition exams including CSS, NTS, PCS, IELTS and others.

  • Democracy
  • Quaid e Azam
  • Allama Iqbal
  • My Hobby
  • My Aim in Life
  • Computer
  • Myself
  • Terrorism
  • Pollution
  • Co Education
  • Internet
  • Patriotism
  • Population
  • Parents


Essay Writing Skills

Writing an essay is not very difficult task but any one can do it very easily after some research and confidence. Parents and teachers should appreciate students to write from small scale essays then to large ones. Here are the key points that should be in mind when writing essay whether it is in English, Urdu or any other language.

  1. First of all, fully understand topic fully.
  2. Now read 2 or 3 different essays or page about this related topic and keep some basic points paragraph wise in your mind.
  3. Now start writing your own paragraph but never copy it from other sources or book but write only in your own words.
  4. Separate it into paragraphs and each paragraph should be on different points.
  5. First and last Paragraph is more important than other parts.
  6. You can also use headings, it will make your skills more accurate and professional. Because headings always catch attention of reader quickly.
  7. Sum up your all essay in last paragraph very precisely.
  8. Try to read your essay 2 times to check any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  9. You can also alter or delete any line or words if needed.
  10.  Try it again and again to become a good essay writer.


Essays in Urdu

This is one of the best website on the net that offers free Urdu essay on many topics such as Allama Iqbal, Pakistan, Islam and Science, Quid e Azam, Corruption and many other topics. You can read here many best essays, speeches. Taqreerain etc. just explore the website to read or learn here Urdu essays.


English Essay Topics and Essay Writing Tips

This website present hundreds of essay topics on arts, English, history science, social issues, islam, countries, nature and much more.

This website not only presents essay topics but it also guides how to write an essay, research paper, thesis etc. you can learn here and view different essays on lot of new and modern topics.