10 Easy and Small Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan with Low Investment

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Get here latest new business ideas for students, for girls and boys, part time business with small investment in Karachi, Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan. Explore these websites for new business ideas.

Here is list of Top 10 most innovative and new SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS IN PAKISTAN, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan or anywhere else in world. All these can be started with low amount but can give you very handsome profit on daily or monthly basis. But it is suggested that you must get some knowledge, experience before starting any of these business.

List of Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Best Business in Pakistan 2018

  1. Real Estate Agents           رئیل اسٹیٹ یعنی پراپرٹی خریدنے اور بیچے والے ڈیلرز

  •  Set a small office in shop or else where with some chairs, tables and a computer. You must have a bike to explore business in your areas.

  • Total Investment for real estate agency is almost Rs. 50 thousand to Rs. 2 Lac.

  • Profit: You can earn Ten Thousands to Few Lacs easily but it depends on you efforts and marketing skills.

  1. Immigration Consultants    امیگریشن کنسلٹینٹ    

  •  Immigration consultants earn very handsome amount by just guiding students who are seeking admissions in UK, Australia, China or else where and those people who are in search of Jobs abroad.

  • Investment: This business also needs just a small office with little setup such as office furniture and internet connection etc.

  • Profit: Earning from this business can vary according to you specialties but many are already earning 5 figure amounts.

  1. Home Delivery Services of Grocery     گراسری یعنی کریانہ کی ہوم ڈلیوری سروس

  •  This is 100% new type of idea especially for large cities including Karachi, Lahore Islamabad.

  • Investment: You just need advertisement in a specific area for home delivery of grocery items. a Motorcycle Riskshaw. So you can start it in range of 50 thousand to Rs. 1 Lac.

  • Profit: Although it is not very profitable business but can earn you very good money. After some experience expand your business in other areas and hire labor for delivery service or make a small company of your service.

  1. Mobile Food Shop (Rikshaw, Van) موبائل فوڈ شاپ

  •  Many people are already doing it for many years in Islamabad and Lahore. It is basically a moveable restaurants. Go to near Courts, Colleges, Markets, Banks and office on Lunch Time and offer Rice, Biryani, Juices or other food items.

  • Investment: You can buy a van, rikshaw or any thing else to move your business from one place to other or you can also hire a van for per day. Starting money is Rs 25000/- to 3 Lac.

  • Profit: It is always said that food items gives more profit than any thing else and its it almost double amount.

  1. Sell Items on OLX   آن لائن مختلف نئی اور پرانی چیزیں بیچیں

  • You may already have hear about OLX website. It is most famous place to buy and sell items online. Just buy birds, used computers, mobiles, cars, bikes, furniture, clothes etc.

  • Investment: You can start it with almost very low investment. It needs some skills, patience and hard work .

  • Profit: It depends on what you are selling on olx site. But it can give you a good amount even many students are making thousands very easily from here.

  1. Yoga Teacher and Classes      یوگا ٹیوٹر اور انسٹرکٹر

  •  Thousands of people in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad want a trained and professional Yoga Teacher. You can start a small business of Yoga classes at your own place or give home service to individual person at their homes.

  • Investment: This is very low income kind of business and almost need Zero investment. Just take some classes from good Yoga teacher and start immediately.

  • Profit: Profit depends on your expertise, location of your centre and city etc. Anyhow you can make Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 90,000 per month.

  1. Wedding Photographer    شادی کی فوٹی گرافی

  •  Wedding Photography is not so simple once it was. Professional wedding photographer all over world are now making very good money through this interesting hobby plus job.

  • Investment: You will require a digital video Camera which is available in Pakistan for Rs. 50 to 95 thousand. for still photography and portraits you can buy a Nikon or Canon DSL cameras for Rs. 25 thousand to Rs. 50 thousand and other charges could be a computer, cables and lights.

  • Profit: This is a very unique type of business which always gives of just profit and profit without any kind of extra investment. You are just given your services and earning good money from Rs. 10 thousands to nearly 70 thousand at one wedding session of 3 days to 4 days.


  1. Artificial Jewelry stalls


  1. Baby Day Care Centre


  1.  Mobile Garage Service