Foam Mattress (Diamond, Molty, Master)


Spring Matters are far better quality wise and are more comfortable, durable but more expensive than simple foam mattress. Here is list of best and top foam companies in Pakistan. You have already heard about these companies and they make various products including Mattress, Sofas, cushions and much more. Prices are very reasonable compare to other countries of the world. So, Lets have a look on these best foam companies in Pakistan.

Best Mattress in Pakistan with Prices

Mattress Company

Type of mattress

Price Range

Total Products


Foam Mattress

4,830 to 21,369


Al Khair Five Star Foam

Foam Mattress

3,600 to 14,500


Molty Foam

Foam Mattress

3,145 to 52,800


Cannon Foam

Foam Mattress

4,599 to 19,766


Dura Foam

Foam Mattress

3,655 to 12,495


Canon Foam

Foam Mattress

12,168 To 150,900



Spring Mattress

13,600 to 99,875



Spring Mattress

8,450 to 33350



Spring Mattress

7,565 to 10,795


Five Star Foam

Spring Mattress

17,145 to 68,500


Dolphin Foam

Spring Mattress





Mattress Buying Guide

Choosing a new mattress can be an expensive decision, especially with some of the memory foam mattress prices at the top end of the market. There's no doubting though that the best mattress will provide you with comfort and support to give you the restful sleep you want.

We are trying our best that will provide in-depth buying guides for all types and makes of mattresses, from latex to air, and Tempurpedic to Simmons. We are also planning on developing an online tool at this website so that you can find the perfect mattress hassle free. In doing so we need your help. If you have any features you think would be really helpful please contact us to let us know. We'd appreciate it.

Please return shortly for all the information you'll need for mattress buying.


Diamond Foam Prices


You can see here new styles of Diamond foam products like foam mattress, spring mattress. You can also find here diamond foam dealers and stores in your city including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawlapindi and other cities of Pakistan.


 Molty Foam Single Bed Prices

This website belongs to Master foam Pakistan. Master foam is name of comfort and reliability in Pakistan. Master foam is product of master group of companies. It also has other services and companies such as Procon Engineering, Master offyss, Master Textile Mills and Master Motors, chemical and master foam. Check out range of products like Celeste, foam, pillows, cushions, beds and quilts etc.



Although Dura Foam Pakistan has lot of products but its mattress is more famous that others. It comes with qualities such as Firm Support, easy washable and it also dries very quickly after washing. Dura Foam new mattress is fire proof and you can sleep on it safer. It is also lighter than other foams so it is very easy to store or move it from one place to another. Only a single person can handle it very easily. Latest designs can maintain temperature with its special design and with self ventilating system. And lastly Durafoam Company gives lifetime guaranty of their mattress. You can buy it in different colors, designs and for single or double bed at very reasonable price. Contact with company directly to ask for latest prices and other details at 021-34298572


Master Celeste

Master Celeste is the choice of those people who want to comfortable and comfy sleep. Celeste is not only number one design but also built on latest machinery and techniques. It comes in different designs including:

        Ultimate Series

        Pearl Series

        Classic Series


Here is phone number and official website page and facebook of Master celeste.

Cotant Number: 042-111-666-555




Other best Foam companies in Pakistan


Five Start Foam