Olpers Lassi and Milk Price List


You can get here more information about Olpers Ice cream, milk and cream.

 Olper milk was started in 2006. and in its first year its sales were touching the skies. Olpers claim sale record and it is national brand for milk in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar etc. Olpers milk factory is located in Sukkur Sindh. Soon olpers is planning to open its another plant in Punjab region.

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Olpers is brand of Engo Foods and it prepares variety of fresh foods which is then delivered from karahi to Lahore, Islamabad to Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan. Its Milk is most favourite and every one including Kids Youth and elders loves to drink it in breakfast or any time of the day. Olpers milk, Lassi and Cream are available almost every big store of your town.


Olpers Milk Price


Price is comparative low that other companies milk but quality and taste is far better. Just give it a try and then decide. It is available in different packing including 200 ml to 1500 ml or from small to medium and large sizes as per your needs. It is good blend of natural milk and cream taste for every one. Below are Olpers complete product list.

  • Olper’s Lite is low fat but high calcium milk

  • Olpers Milk with fresh taste of milk and cream

  • Cream is favourite of all from morning to evening

  • Flavored Milk with unique taste of Badam, Zafran and Gulab.

  • Olpers Desi Ghee with special aroma.

Olpers Milk Price List

Olper’s Lite

If you are health conscious kind of a person and don’t want to load with some extra kilos of body weight but on the other hand, milk is your favorite drink and want to keep healthy and fit. So don’t worry, Olper’s Lite is low fat milk and you can drink it on daily basis. It is full of energy, iron, calcium and other health benefits but have very low fats. Drinking Olpers Lite milk keeps you not only fit but active for next coming hours. It is also available almost every place in Pakistan.


Olper’s Cream

You can top your slices, breads, cakes, patties and or make any thing else what you and your children like to eat in breakfast, dinner or lunch with Olper’s Milk. It is very tasty and fresh cream which has full natural pure ingredients. School going children love to eat paratha roles with cream in it. You can also learn some easy and very delicious cream related recipes on official facebook page of Olpers Pakistan. And by the way, most famous of these all are Cream Puffs made by Cakes.


Olpers Tarrka (Desi Ghee)

Althgouh there are tens types of desi ghee are available from stores but real question is that “Do all these have particular aroma and flavor of Desi Ghee”? Olpers Tarrka is a real taste of Desi ghee and could be used in food such as Saag, paratha, Curries, Karahi, Rolls or what else you want to eat. Asli Ghee not only gives taste but it has a specifi kind of scent.


Olpers Lassi


Lassi is one of the best and natural drinks you can have daily. It is being used from thousands years in India Sub Continent and other parts of the world. It is no side effect as other artificial drinks such as Cola etc. Olpers has also Lassi in its range of products and which you can also buy from all major shopping stores in Pakistan.


Address: Engro Foods PVT Ltd
Harbor Front Building, 6th Floor, Marine Drive, 4, Clifton, Karachi

Phone No. 021111211211