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List of free Web site hosting companies and free domain in Pakistan.

Pak host offers free web hosting and very love cost domain services. Although it is free but quality of web hosting is very good. So if you are looking for free web hosting or free domain visit this site.

Honex tech provides many web services to its customers. Some of these are free web hosting and free domain registration in Pakistan. It is one the the best web hosting company in Pakistan.

Creativeon is a very popular web hosting company in Pakistan. It also offers free web hosting and domain registrations. For more details visit the site.

This company offers different packages for your website. You can select these packages according to the size of your website. If it is below 100 mb then its web hosting is free you have to pay only for domain name registrations. Visit the site for all details of these packages and rates.

They offer one free domain name if you purchase any web hosting plan from this company. This company has offices in Karachi and Bahrain. Visit the site for more details. A complete web site solution on one place with services such as web site hosting, seo, domain name registration and submissions in directories.

If you give order to website design youíll get free web hosting with unlimited space and domain name registration. It is an unlimited offer. For more information just call 051-4581200. Pakistan web host is based in Islamabad Rawalpindi.


Do you really understand the basics of the internet? Do you think itís a mysterious secret how all those words have found their way from someoneís computer in Fiji all the way to your computer in Boston? Or vice versa? Well, itís not really such a mystery and it can be explained in a basic way in just a few understandable words.


Ok, youíre in Fiji keeping a journal (blog) of all the great fauna and flora that grow there in abundance. And you want to share your wonder, awe and observations with the rest of the world. So you create a blog, but now you need a way to get all those words onto the internet. In other words, you need a web hosting company. A web hosting company lets you rent disk space on its computer and gives you other services which give allows access to your web site on the internet to the entire world.


Web hosting companies usually charge a fee, although there are some services that are free. And there are thousands of companies to choose from, making deciding on a hosting company a daunting task without more information about what you are choosing from. Be aware that free hosting has limits and conditions that might not be acceptable to you. For instance, you might not want advertisements to appear on your blog, but free hosting companies often require that ads appear. Also, free hosts often limit disk space and bandwidth, making it difficult, if not impossible to include videos, or other heavy graphics on to your site. And what if you have this great, hour long video of a rare bird feeding her babies in their nest? You will just have to wait.



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