Free Download Skype for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mobile






We have gathered here some best sites where you can free download skype full version for windows and mobile. know more here about how to install on mobile and computer or on other devices. You can also get here information about how to make free calls from skype to mobile.


Download Skype for Windows XP, 7, 8


Skype software could be used both on Computers and mobile. Now whether you have windows xp, 7, 8 or any latest versions skype supports almost every Operating system in the world. Although you can download its free version for windows from above address but below are some more trusted sites where skype full version is available for download. To make free calls you must have a mic, a web cam and internet connection.


Cnet Skype Download

Cnet is most famous and trusted place where you can download all famous software for your computer including skype. You can also get here information regarding all software such as reviews, complete file size, version numbers and average user rating etc. It will not take you or redirect your to any other websites or junks but directly to the file you wish for. So, just download your desired software directory onto your computer and install it after complete download in minutes. You can also download here other communication Software to make free calls to mobile and computers and these includes Tango, X Lite, voice changer and others.


Filehipp old version

Skype is in the market for several years and has millions of users all over the world. It always announced new and latest version after each few months. But some people are comfortable with its old version and believe that old versions were easier to download and install. So, whatever you need is you can download Skype old version from filehippo. Other software includes Thunderbird, Team Talkm, Windows Live Messenger, Oovoo and metro twit. It has not a very huge file size but just few MB.


Full Version

If you are looking for Skype full version for windows XP, 7, 8 or any other then you are on right place. Here you can download ready to install and use version of this software. The software is made for 32 bit and 64 bit Operating system. For this reason it is used for Android, iPhone, iTab, computers, Nokia and other devices and platforms. Unlimited number of people from around the world download skype full version from this site and you might be one of these.


Download Skype for Mobile


Many users in Pakistan, India, Middle east and other countries want to know how to where to download free skype for mobile so that they can chat or talk free of cost with their friends and family all over the world. And yes, it is possible with many types of software but of course, Skype is at top of all these.


Skype Mobile

Whether you are using android, iPhone, Nokia or any other mobile phone device, you can easily download latest version of skype for your phone and use it instantly. Although there are lot of websites from you can download this famous software but doing it only through official website of Skype is much better option. Because it is trusted and legal to use it.



Skype Free Calls to Mobile

To make free calls from computer to any mobile phone or other pc you must have installed Skype on your computer. And you can only use this famous software if you have your or any one else’s skype ID or user with password. You can add as many friends, relatives and other people into skype as you want after login in it. You can make free calls on mobile to all those people who are in your list. So first of all make sure that your contact list is updated and you have added that person in your id. There are two ways to making free calls. First is from computer to computer or to mobile but both must have this software installed on their devices. It all looks very difficult but actually it is not. Millions of people around the world are using this free software and talk for hours with voice or video. Both persons must be connected with internet and both have added their IDs.

Skype asks you “Keep Me Login” first time of sign in. It has a benefit that when someone wants to contact you then he can do it any time. And if you can also see that which and how many friends are online now in the list. You can talk immediately with those people who are online. You can not only make free local calls in your own city or country but to other countries as well. You can make unlimited, long and free calls where internet facility is available. It is also possible to make new friends in going to login area.


How To Install Skype For Mobile


Skype is most popular chatting software all over the world and could be used in computers, Mobile Phones, itabs, Tablets and other devices. Many new users don’t know who to download and install skype for their mobile phones. It has separate versions for Nokia, Samsung, Android, Black Berry, iPhone or any other. We have given here address of the official page from where you can download and then install skype for your mobile. What you can do with this software.

  • After installing this software you can send as many sms messages free of cost as you want

  • If you have good internet connection then can send also free videos and pictures to other friends

  • Make free, unlimited and long video calls

  • So easy to use that anyone can do it very easily even children



How to Create Skype Account

You can make you skype account ID with your facebook ID or separate username. Here is complete information about how to create your skype ID for new users.

  1. First of all download skype software from official website and install it.

  2. Now go to signup to create your new user account

  3. Give your full name and email address

  4. in next section choose your date of birth, gender (Male, female), country, city and Language

  5. Enter your complete mobile number without country code which is given already

  6. Now choose how do you intend to use skype from (personal conversation / business conversation)

  7. Most important part is skyp name. Give here User name or called ID and must have 6 to 32 character longs and you can use letters and number but no spaces or other characters.

  8. Finally set your password between 6 to 20 characters

Skype will send you information on you email immediately if all is filled correctly or try again to make it.




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