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How to block a Number on Jazz

Dial 420

How to block Jazz Sim

Dial 420

Mobilink Sim Block Code


Jazz Sim Block Karne ka Tarika

Dial 420

Jazz Incoming Call Block Code

Put number in blacklist

Jazz Outgoing Call Block Code


Do you want to know “How to Block Number?” Sometimes every one of us wants not to attend or listen some number for different reasons. Its solution is to block this specific mobile Number permanently. We have gathered here details procedure to block numbers of network including ufone, jazz, warid, zong IMO, Whatsapp, Viber and telenor. Information is given below, mobile service providers always changes their rules and regulations so keep in touch with them.


 How to Block a Number on Ufone?

 Ufone made it very easy to block an incoming call or number to block. If someone makes trouble for you. Stop this caller or unwanted calls. Maximum 20 numbers can be blocked from one sim. Ufone not only block calls but also sms. First of all send sms to 420 “sub”.

For Blocking a Number or Call

Write block number in message to send to 420. Such as block 03337654321.

For unblock a number

Send message to 420. “Unblock number”.  Like unblock 03337654321


 How to Block a Number on Jazz?

Mobilink also has service for blocking is called “Call and Sms Block”. It not only block more than one number from call but also from SMS service. You can add more than one number to block for unwanted calls and sms. Procedure is very easy. For subscription to this service just sms “act ics” and send it to 420. you can block maxim 20 numbers.

Block a jazz number:      Send sms “ADD NB 03001234567” and send to 420.

Unblock  a Jazz number:  Send sms “DEL 03001234657” to 420.

For more information and details just send “help” sms to 420 and know more about Mobilink Black list and white list.


How to Block a Number on Warid?

 For this purpose Warid has introduced service called “Warid Call Block 9211”. Warid offers restriction of calls and sms for unlimited numbers. For registration of this service just dial 9211 or send message “Sub” to 9211. These block service charges are Rupees 19 exclusive of Taxes. You can block as many numbers as you want in your block list. Warid also has unique service of prerecorded Announcements which block called will listen. You can select from list of these prerecorded announcements.

To block a warid number

Send sms “block 03211234567” and send it to 420.

To Unblock / Remove number

 Send sms “ unlbock 03211324567” to 420.


 Zong call blocking service?

You can block unwanted calls and sms on your zong number. Zong offers maximum of 50 numbers to block. For subscription just dial 9211. you can add block numbers to your list on Zong facebook page. 15 rupees + tax is subscription fee for Zong block service.  


Telenor Block Number

 From telenor call block service you can block any number including Telenor, Zong, Warid, PTCL Landline, Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone etc. After block a number caller of that number will listen busy tone. Other tones are also available through Telenor website. For registration for this blocking service just send sms “Sub” and send it to 420. Registration can take upto few hours. After that you can send a number via sms to 420. Telenor Block a number service charges are Rs. 20 for a month. One time block or unblock number charges for each is Rs. 2.







How to Block and Delete someone Contact on IMO

Many Times we find ourselves in situation where we want to delete someone on IMO but don’t know how to do it. It is very easy to block any contact number on IMO. Here is step by step guide on Android, Windows or any other type of phones. You have to insert unwanted contact into blocked list. 

  1. First of all go to IMO and open it.
  2. Now search for the person (You want to delete or block) go to Conversation. And select contact person name.
  3. Now, you have to click or tap on top setting button.
  4. Click on Delete (You have to first delete the contact before blocking it).
  5. Now click on setting again and tap on Block. Contact is now added in Blocked list.
  6. Whole procedure is same to unblock someone on IMO.

How to Block Contact on Whatsapp

You can also block and delete someone contact on Whatsapp.

  1. First of all go to “contact”.
  2. Now selected the person or contact you want to delete or block from your whatsapp account.
  3. Now on top right of screen tap on Menu (with 3 dots).
  4. Click or tap on More in menu.
  5. Now tap on Block in the list and OK.

How to Block Someone on Viber

Viber is another famous chatting app and is mostly used on Desktop PC and mobile also. If you want to block someone on Viber then use this method.

  1. Open Viber on you PC or Mobile Phone.
  2. Open menu and go to settings.
  3. Now, Go to Block List. And insert number you want to block.
  4. And click on “Block”.
  5. Contact is no blocked and could not send you message or chat anymore.
  6. You can also unblock these numbers from Block list.


How to Block Ads on Google Chrome

Webmaster use different Ads Networks to monetize their Blogs and websites. There are different ways to block ads on Google chrome. Most famous all these is “Ad Blockers” which are not easily available online from any of computer stores.

  • uBlock Origin (could be downloaded from Google Webstore)
  • Adblock Plus
  • Adguard AdBlocker
  • AdBlock Pro
  • AdRemover for Chrome
  • Ghostery for Chrome
  • Simple Adblock
  • Superblock Adblocker




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