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We have collected here some best websites that can trace any computer ip address or location of computer. These ip address locator online tools are free to use. What is my ip Address; check your ip address through ip locator or tracer or scanner tools online.  


IP Address Locater

This website offers IP tracing, speed test, IP who is and what is my ip address facilities on one place online. IP address finder is very famous tool to check your computer ip or any computer in the world including Pakistan. You can also check here broadband actual speed.

Another best website to locate any ip address in any country. This ip locator is very easy to use and very simple. Just enter website name and check location of host and ip address with some other details.


Why is my IP Address

get here answers of question like these. How to hide ip address, how to find ip address and location of specific computer or host. This site present ip lookup locater tool to use free online.

Check here ip address lookup or ip finder for my ip with information such as router ip address of lan, wan ip, hostname, country name. You can trace, track or locate any computer in the whole world.




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