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Pakistani / Bar B Q


Chicken Sashlic

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Burgers

Full Broast

Chicken Karahi


Chicken Jalfrazi

Club Sandwich

Beef Burgers

Half Broast

Chicken White Karahi


Chicken Chilli

Party Club Sandwich

Jumbo Chicken Burgers

Quarter Broast

Chicken Black Pepper


Dry Sashlic

Bar B Que Club Sandwich

Jumbo Beef Burgers

Garlic Dip

Chicken Butter Karahi


Dry chicken Chilli

Flying Saucer

Two in One Burger


Chicken Handi


Chicken Chowmein

Extra Cheese

Zinger Burger


Chicken Makhni


Chicken Vegetable




Chicken Tikka


Chicken Manchurian




Chicken Boti


Chicken Fried Rice




Mali Tikka


Egg Fried Rice




Beef Bihari


Plaint Rice




Seekh Kabab



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Karachi Broast is located right at heart of Boat Basin and few other locations in Karachi. Its Menu has everything which you can think to have crunchy, spicy and delicious food in Karachi. You can also place an order for your favorite burgers, sandwiches, Broast or Pakistani / Chinese foods by making a call at home delivery contact numbers given below. Although Karachi Broast is famous for specific Pakistani foods but all main Chinese cuisines are also available here. Rates are comparatively normal for all kinds of foods.


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy food with your family, friends, and class fellows or other then Karachi Broast could be a good choice. Sometimes 3 people can manage the food if you order for only 2 person’s food because of Quantity of food. In short, we can say its It is very good place where you can have mouth watering food at reasonable rates.




Karachi Broast is a best place where you can enjoy live Bar B Q. You can find here not only best and tasty Pakistani Foods but also other foods including burgers etc. Many people come here to celebrate their birthdays and other ceremonies to make their day special and memorable. It is best place where you find value of your money by having Pakistani and Chinese food at single place. All the staff members are specially trained and knows well about who to behave with customers. Some people come here to taste its special Seekh Kababs, Tikka and Some other like its broast and other foods. Karachi Broast is very famous restaurant and is well-known for its taste, rates, quality and quantity of food.




Home Delivery

Karachi Broast offers free home delivery in Clifton and DHA areas. You can place your order from 7:00 p.m to 1:00 p.m. People of area are very happy about this free delivery service. Just make a call at given number below and you will receive your favorite food in minutes. Although it is not a tiny restaurant with just 10 to 20 seats but can accommodate 100s of people at a time but just make a call to book your seat in advance on weekends. If you are a Non-Veg kind of a guy then try rice and other dishes. Many people of Karachi like to go and spend their money here because they know well about its taste and quality.

Contact Number: 111-676-869




If you are going to Karachi Broast on Saturday or Sunday then try to make your reservation in advance else you might have to wait for half an hour or more because of extra customers on these busy days. If it is your first visit to Karachi Broast then don’t forget to taste it specialties including broast or tikka and other Bar B Que dishes. This restaurant menu has more than 50 dishes, and each one of these is prepared fully and this is to ensure that everything is very delicious. Definitely, you will “Wow” after taking your first bite because it is one of the best and awesome place not only for lunch and dinner but for gathering of your family and friends.



    • Full Broast
    • Half Broast
    • Quarter Broast
    • French Fries
    • Garlic Dip
    • Bun
    • Nuggets


    • Chicken Burger
    • Beef Burger
    • Jumbo Chicken Burger
    • Jumbo Beef Burge
    • 2 in 1 Burger
    • Zinger



    • Chicken Sandwich
    • Club Sandwich
    • Party Club Sandwich
    • Bar B Que Club Sandwich
    • Flying Saucer
    • Extra Cheese



    • Dry Chicken Chilli
    • Chicken Chowmein
    • Chicken Vegetable
    • Chicken Manchurian
    • Chicken Fried Rice
    • Egg Fried Rice
    • Plain Rice
    • Chicken Sashlic
    • Jalfrazi
    • Chicken Chilli
    • Dry Sashlic



    • Chicken Karahi
    • Chicken White
    • With Black Pepper
    • Butte Karahi
    • Chicken Handi
    • Chicken Makhani


Bar B Que

    • Chicken Tikka
    • Chicken Boti
    • Malai Tikka
    • Beef Bihari
    • Seekh Kabab



Contact Number

Finding Karachi Broast restaurant is very easy and you can reach here very easily if you are never been here before. Boat Basin is very famous place in Clifton Karachi and every one knows about it. Hundreds of People from Karachi and other cities have visited this place for several times and come back again and again. Very Delicious and unique flavor pull them back.


Boat Basin

Address: SB 10, Sea Breeze Centre, Clifton, Block 5, Boat Basin, Karachi

Phone Number: 35865215-6


Indus Valley

SB 21, Sea Breeze Heights, Clifton, Block No. 2, Near Indus Valley, Karachi



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