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Kaybees is one of the best restaurants branches in North Nazimabad, Hyderi, Mohammad Ali Society and other areas in Karachi. It was started in 1979. It has now many outlets in Karachi. It main menu includes Burgers, sea food, continental, Chinese, bbq, sandwiches and more.

Kaybees ice cream is also of unique taste. To check out its deals and offers just contact by phone or visit the restaurant. It also offer home and office delivery.


Kaybees Menu


Kaybees North Nazimabad Menu


Kaybees menu includes starter, salad, broast, snacks, jumbo burger, steak house, Karachi handi (mutton karahi, chicken boneless karrahi), sea food, bar b que (kabab, chicken tikka, malai botti), rolls, roghani nan, paratha, cold drinks, milk shakes, juices, faluda, coffee, ice cream.

To check its latest meal deals just call kaybees.



Kaybees restaurant is not only famous for its crunchy and  yummy snacks but also for other tasty meals and it is truly a good place for lunch and dinner with your family and friends on Sunday and other days of the week.

It is not only good place for tasty and fresh food but also very cheap comparing to other expensive restaurants in Karachi. So letís have a look at its menu.


Chicken Starters

  • Chicken Strips

  • Corn Soups

  • Hot and sour soups

  • Chicken corn soup

Breasted Chicken

  • Quarter Broast

  • Quarter Crispty Broast

  • Kentucky chicken

  • Raita Broast


Sea Food and Fish

  • Fried Fish

  • Fish o Finger

  • Prawn Friend Rice

  • Prawn Masala


  • American Steak

  • Chicken Steak

  • Pepper Steak

Bar B Q

  • Chicken Kabab

  • Chicken Muhjlai Boti

  • Fish Rani

  • Chicken Tkka

  • Seekh Kabab

  • Dhaga kabab

  • Reshmi Kabab

  • Bihari Kabab

  • Chicken Tikka

  • Malai Bottee

Desi Food

  • White karahi

  • Mutton Karahi

  • Handi

  • Special Achaar Handi

Kat a Kut

  • Boneless karahi

  • Brain Masala

  • Dil Gurda

  • Ful Tawa

 Mouth Watering Burgers

  • Grilled Chicken Burger

  • Jalapeno Burer

  • Crispy Fish Burger

  • Beef

  • Cheese

  • Jumbo


  • Chicken Tandoori Sandwich

  • Bar B Q Sandwich

  Add Onís

  • Paratha

  • Cole Slaw

  • Dinner Roll

  • Bun

  • Raita

  • Extra Cheese

  • Green Salad


Facebook Page


Kaybees Restaurant has branches and franchises in different areas of Karachi. It is one of the best place to have meals, burgers, sandwich and other food at very reasonable price in Karachi. Get latest Iftar deals, menu, news and more at official Kaybees facebook page.


Kaybees Karachi Branches


Kaybees Branch


Contact Number



 Kaybee 2 Snacks and Restaurant 52, DA Market, Commercial Area, Defense Phase II, Karachi


Muhammad Ali Society  

 Mohammad Ali Housing Society, F8, commercial Area, Karachi


North Nazimabad

Plot No. D6, Block D, Hyder, North Nazimabad, Karachi



Free Home Deliver Number

Kaybees offers free home deliver services in some nearest areas of restaurant on order up to limited amount. Please contact with Kaybees restaurant for more information about this free services at number given here.



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