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We have gathered here best website for Research topics in Pakistan for Finance, Medical, Economics, Marketing,  education, psychology, social issues, software engineering, hrm, finance. How to write Research paper, selecting research topics and research methods or format.


Best Medical Research Topics


  1. Fast Food Impact

  2. Antibiotics Side Effects

  3. Health Care Crisis in Pakistan

  4. Noise Pollution effects

  5. Obesity and Weight Loss

  6. Alternative ways of Medicines in Pakistan

  7. Obesity awareness in general public in Pakistan

  8. Exercise and Fitness for Housewives

  9. Organic Food VS Non-Organic Foods

  10.  Pakistani Culture and Health Relation


Best Econimcs Business and Finance Research Topics


  1. Good Relations between Boss and Employees Impact

  2. Positive results of Work place or office environment

  3. Top 10 Leadership Qualities That a Boss Must have.

  4. Favoritism in Pakistani Companies.

  5. Social Media business promotion in Pakistan. A New Method to Promote Businesses.



100 Research Topics on Management

If you are preparing topic on management for thesis or any other purposes then can find here best and most latest related topics. These are very helpful in Masters, M.Phil. Ph.D or any other degrees and programs or just of interviews and test for any job. This list includes sub topics including Entrepreneurship, organizations structure and behaviors, Human Resource as key strategic, Non Business organization and their perspective and lot more.

Economics Research Topics

One of the best website that is source for research papers, research topics and thesis for different subjects including, agriculture, business, economics and others. Economics remains hot topic all over the world almost in all Colleges and universities. And students need to write thesis on this topic. You can find here lot of topics on Economics, Business Management and Banking etc. This site has largest database of research topics on various subjects.


Finance Research Topics

Another best website from where you can read research topics for electricity, energy, food, forests, space, water, waste management, risk management and also read here research tools and research tips and guidance. Finance is another subject which is most read these days in BBA, MBA, M.Com, ACCA, ACMA and other related degrees and Programs. To complete these above mentioned degrees you have to write several finance and management papers.


Online Research Papers

This site has links to one of the largest collection of research topics of every subject including psychology, education, social studies, communication, management, history and many others.

Questia is very famous site among students, job seekers and just any one else.  It has library of more than 83000 books and million of essays and papers. Although it is not free but you have to pay some charges to use these papers and books but the money you spend has worth here. So save your time, efforts and hard work by just exploring thousands of research papers for all kinds of programs, classes in Colleges and Universities.


Quick Research Papers

Get here or download research papers for undergraduate, graduate, masters, and PhD. Research papers and topics. Know here how to write research papers, topic selection, research paper format, MBA research Paper and much more.



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