Cinnamon In Urdu Meaning, Benefits, Daar Cheeni

Cinnamon is one of the magical spices and has lots of benefits for hour health. People in India, Middle East and Pakistan are using it from hundreds of years. It is mostly used for weight loss along with ginger and honey. Some people take it after making tea other love its powder shape. It has so many advantages and no side effects that it could be used on daily basis. Importance of Cinnamon is vital for human healthy life. We have given here its Cinnamon Urdu Meaning, its benefits for weight loss and other related information below.


Cinnamon Stick in Urdu meaning


You have heard many times word Cinnamon which is widely used in different kind of recipes but also used to treat different health problems from long long times. It is called "Dar Cheni" in Urdu.   دار چینی


Health Benefits of Cinnamon


Here is list of some health benefits of Cinnamon according to the It is said that cinnamon is a have very powerful anti bacterial characteristics.


To Treat Type 2 Diabetics

Some research have showed that taking a proper amount of cinnamon on daily basis can treat Type 2 Diabetics and is very useful in blood sugar control.


Bowl Infections

Taking cinnamon in any form can reduce bacteria in GI Tract and so it is one of the best thing you can take for different kinds of stomach pains and other problems. Taking its tea at least 2 times in day after meals is very effective.


Weight Loss

If you have problems like high blood pressure, heart problems and other related issue then cinnamon is a nature healer for all these kinds of problems. It not only increases blood flow by making thing blood in vessels rather than cylon cinnamon.


Consult your doctor / Physician before taking any type of Cinnamon.


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