Dr. Naseema Kapadia Contact numbers and Clinic Address


Doctor Name

Dr. Naseema Kapadia



Taj Medical Clinic Address

Dr Naseema Kapadia, Taj Medical Complex, M.A Jinnah Rd, Jacob Lines, Karachi


Abbasi Shaheed Hospital

Tabis Dehlive Road, Paposh Nagar, Nazimabad, Karachi021-3617924



Contact Number

021-32782048, 021-32782771

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Dr Naseema Kapadia is very famous dermatologist from Karachi. She appears in man TV programs especially morning shows and gives lots of tips about skins care, hair care and other beauty related topics. We have given here Dr Naseema Kapadia clinic address, contact numbers and other details. You can contact directly with her or other staff of clinic and hospital to know more about timings, fee or charges and other details.

Dr Naseema Kapadia has Medical degrees of MBBA and FCPS from well know medical universities. You can meet with here at different clinics and hospitals including Aga Khan Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed and taj medical complex as well. Dr Naseema Kapadia is not only a good dermatologist but also a very polite and kind person as well.

Almost all here patients are very satisfied with here, how he treats with ordinary patients. For this reason more and more people not only in Karachi but from other cities also want to meet with here for treatment of their different kinds of skin problems.


Clinic Address Taj Complex

Dr Naseema Kapadia, Taj Medical Complex, M.A Jinnah Rd, Jacob Lines, Karachi

Phone Number: 021-32782048, 021-32782771



Address: First Floor, the Plaza Shopping Mall, 2 Talwar, Block 9 Clifton Karachi

Contact Number: 021-35376071-74



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