Kalonji ke Faide in Urdu / Black Seeds Benefits





Just use 2 grams of Kalonji or Black Seed in a day can reduce Diabetes in weeks.


معدہ کے امراض

Stomach Problems

Daily use of Kalonji can treat all types of stomach related diseases including gas etc.



Mirgi / Epilepsy

You can use black seeds water, oil, or raw black seed in morning or evening and it will reduce epilepsy.


ہائی بلڈ پریشر

High Blood Pressure

If you have blood pressure then just use black seeds or kalonji every day for 2 months. And it can show miracle.


دمہ کا مرض

Asthma or Dama

Black Seeds or Nigella Sativa has properties to treat Asthma completely.


گلے کے ٹانسلز


Black Seeds or Kalonji is very useful for Tonsils and Throat Problems.




Every Kind of Cough could be treated with Black seed or oil.




Some experiments on Animals has proves that Kalonji or Black seed can cure Cancer.


جراثیم کش

Anti Bacterial

Black seeds have anti bacterial qualities and thus these can cure lots of disease caused by bacteria.


ہارٹ اٹیک

Heart Attack

People with hearth attack problem should use black seeds on daily basis. These have lots of benefits for heart.


معدہ کی تیزابیت

Acid Reflux

Due to lots of imbalance diet. Every third person is facing Acid Reflux Problem. Use black seeds two times a day.




Diabetes can damage kidneys in many cases. Nigella Sativa can treat kidneys problems.



Alzheimer’s or Nasyan

Black Seed extract or Oil can reduce diseases like Alzheimer’s or Nisyan Disease.


بریسٹ کینسر

Breast Cancer

Lots of studies have proved that black seeds are very useful in treatment of breast cancer.


قوتِ مدافعت

Improves Immune System

Immune system is defense wall against different kinds of diseases. Black seeds can improve our immune system.


الرجی کا علاج

Anti Allergies

Lots of health problems come due of allergies and black seed of kalonji has anti allergies effects.


دماغی طاقت

Increase Brain Power

Black seeds have Omega 3 and 6 which can increase brain power and we can concentrate more.


تھکاوٹ کا علاج

Decrease Fatigue

Daily use of Black seeds can refresh your energy level and is more beneficial in fatigue.


گھنے بال اور کالے بال

For Hair

Kalonji Oil or Black Seed oil use for hair can grow your hair back.


گھنے بال

Thick Black Hair

Massage your hair daily with black seed oil can make your hair thick, black and shiny.


کیڑوں کے کاٹے کا علاج

Treatment of Stings

Bee, Wasp and other insects’ stings, pain and swallow are treatable by Black seed oil.


جلد کے لیے


Apply and massage black seed oil ot kalonji ka tel at skin, hands or face and leave for few minutes. It will make your face soft, radical free and shiny.


سینے کی اکڑن

Chest Congestion

Mix honey in black seed and take twice daily. It will reduce chest congestion in days.


پیچس کا علاج

Treatment of Diarrhea

Mix Black seed oil and yogurst and take in morning and evening to treat diarrhea.


کان درد

Ear pain

Ear aches can be reduces by putting few black seed oil drops in ears.


نزلہ زکام

Flue and Cold

Take black seed oil with honey 2 times a day can decrease flue and cold types of conditions.


ناک بند

Nasal Congestion

If you are feeling Nasal Congestion then just put few drops of black seed in nostrils and it will open immediately.


سر درد


In case of headache and migraine, you can eat, massage and apply black seed oil.


کیل مہاسوں کا علاج

Moles on skin

All types of moles on skin can be treated by applying black seeds oil or extract.


دانت درد کا علاج


Rinsing with black seed oil can reduce tooth and gum pains.



Kalonji is being used to cure different kinds of health problems from ancient times. We have given blow its benefits in Urdu. It is a seed of plant and it is called “Nigella Sativa” and Black Cumin Seeds in English and Kalonji ow Kalvangi in Urdu and Hindi. It is used as ingredients of food recipes especially in Achar or Pickle and to treat different problems such as weight loss, for hair and many others.


You can use it 3 forms including cook it as whole seed, use it in powder form in different recipes and extract it oil to use specially for hair problems. Kalonji is used in different foods in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern Countries from Centuries. 

There are many researches are in process in different parts of world. Till now it is clinically approved that kalonji is lot of benefits for treatment of Cancer and Dyspepsia especially to cure food allergies.  


کلونجی کے فائدے

دانت درد: اگردائیں یا بائیں کسی طرف بھی داڑھ میں درد ہے تو فوری طور پر آرام کے لیے کلونجی کے تیل کے چند قطرے یا کلونجی پیس کر سرسوں کے تیل میں ملا کر داڑھ میں کسی روئی کے ذریعے تھوڑی دیر کے رکھیں۔ آپ اس مکسچر میں تھوڑا سا نمک بھی ملا سکتے ہیں۔ درد چند منٹ میں ہی ختم ہو جائے گا۔

سر درد:  گرمی، سردی یا کسی بھی اور وجہ سے سر میں درد ہو، خاص طور پر سر کی ایک طرف یا ماتھے میں تو کلونجی کا تیل لے کر متاثرہ حصہ میں مالش کریں۔ آپ دن میں دو یا تین مرتبہ بھی استعمال کر سکتے ہیں۔ اس سے نہ صرف سر درد میں آرام ملے گا بلکہ بالوں کے لیے بھی بہت فائدہ مند ہے۔



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