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 Nuqsan / Symptoms

Nuqsan in Urdu


 Breast Pain

سینے میں درد



کھانسی اورآواز کا بیٹھ جانا



جسم میں ہلکا ہلکا بخار


White colored Discharge (Excessive)

سفید رنگ کے مادہ کا زیادہ مقدار میں اخراج ہوتا ہے


Constant Sever Back Pain

کمر کے نچلے حصہ اور سائیڈ پر درد


Pain and feeling pressure

ازدواجی تعلق کے وقت پریشر اور درد


Pain during urination

پیشاب کرتے ہوئے درد



کبھی کبھی سفید مادہ کے ساتھ ساتھ خون بھی نکلتا ہے


Feeling Faint and Dizziness

سستی اور سر چکرانا


Redness on face

چہرہ پر سرخی آ جاتی ہے



سر میں درد رہتا ہے


Excessive Sweating

زیادہ پسینہ آتا ہے اور گرمی کا احساس ہوتا ہے۔


Shortness of Breath

سانس لینے میں تنگی ہو جاتی ہے


Stomach Pain

پیٹ میں درد بھی ہو سکتا ہے



پیٹ درد کے ساتھ کبھی کبھار قے یا الٹیاں بھی آتی ہیں۔


It is called “Silan e Reham” in Urdu and in English it is called “Leucorrhea” in English but also spelled as Likoria in Hindi and Urdu Languages. It is a common disease of females. There are different ways to treat this problem such as desi or herbal and others. You can get more information about it such is its treatment, causes and others here.


Likoria Causes

لیکوریا کی وجوہات

  1. جسم میں موجود ہارمونز کی کمی بیشی لیکوریا ہونے کی سب سے بڑی وجہ ہو سکتی ہے۔

  2. تیزابیت اور چکناءی سے بھری ہوءی چیزیں بھی لیکیوریا کی اہم وجوہات میں سے ایک ہے۔

  3. قبض یا پیٹ کی دوسرے امراض کافی دیر رہیں تو یہ بحی لیکیوریا ہونے کا سبب بن سکتے ہیں۔ لہزا ان بیماریوں سے بچنے کی کوشش کریں۔

  4. انیمیا یعنی خون کی کمی کی صورت میں بحی لیکیوریا کی علامات شروع ہو سکتی ہیں۔

  5. کبھی کبھار نیند کی کمی وغیرہ سے بحی یہ بیماری ہوتی ہے۔

There are different causes of likoria and any one multi causes are responsible for this disease.

  1. First of all most important is disorders in the Hormones of the Body which occur in different stages of a female life.

  2. Second biggest reason of this problem is badly chosen eating habits. Fast food, over eating, extra spices more oily foods and others.

  3. Constipation or stomach problems are also responsible for this health issue but it is also easy to treat.

  4. Anemia is not only one of the causes of Likoria but also can bring more health issues as well.

  5. Waking at night for long hours and insomnia are less common cause of likoria.


 Likoria Treatment

Fortunately, Likoria is treatable through medication and also with changing habits which are discussed earlier in Likoria causes. If you are facing this problem for few days to few weeks then don’t just search on the net to treat it yourself but see your doctor.


Likoria Treatment at Home

Internet is full of huge amount of home remedies for treatment of Likoria at home. These homemade remedies are not approved by any government health organization but are just self made tips by different people such as Hakeems and others. So be careful and try first to consult with any doctor. Anyhow just eat proper food which has no side effect at all.

  • روزانہ زیادہ سے زیادہ بھنڈی، زعفران، انجیر، اندار وغیرہ کا استعمال کریں۔

  • Eat more Okra, saffron, Figs, Pomegranate and gooseberry on daily basis.

  •  لیکوریا کی بیماری میں سوکھا دھنیا ، کیلا وغیرہ کا استعمال بھی بہت ہی اکسیر واقعہ ہوا ہے۔

  • Sookha Dhania or Coriander Seeds, Banana are also has many benefits in treating likora at home.

  • متاثرہ جگہ ہو بالکل صاف پانی سے اور لیموں شامل کر کے دھوءیں۔ تاکہ جلد کو نقصان نہ ہونے پاءے۔

  • Wash specific area with mixture of distilled water and apple cider or lemon juice on regular basis for outer safety of skin and area.


More about Likoria

In case you discover that you are having thick Likoria from your vagina, there is a lot of possibility that you have got an infection.


Usually, you would find that you are having a clear discharge after your menstrual period but all it does is to clean up, lubricate and make the vagina free from germs.


But, it may happen due to some reasons that the regular clear discharge varies in thickness and appearance. The reason can be ovulation, pregnancy, or perhaps breastfeeding. Alteration in the ph level in your vagina is also a possible cause of a normal discharge to seem unusual. Deodorant soaps, douching, or perfume body sprays can be a root cause for this.


The signs of a yeast infection can be related to the thick Likoria. Its consistency can range from being really thin to exceptionally thick, depending upon person to person. Nevertheless, if you observe a light yellow to dark yellow, nearly brown discharge, it indicates you probably have a bacterial infection.


Normally, the depth and texture of the thick Likoria depends upon the seriousness of the problem. A thin discharge indicates that there is most likely a light infection, while an infection with a consistency of cottage cheese can be a severe one. In case, you find out that you are facing a massive flow of thick Likoria from your vagina, it is most likely that you are getting through a serious Candida overgrowth.


If you observe that the thick Likoria you are getting contains some blue specks in it, you must seek immediate treatment for this.


At times, it is really difficult to find out the type of discharge you are having. The best way to do it is to observe the discharge. Incase, it is thin with somewhat yeasty or mo smell then it is without a doubt a yeast infection. While if it has yellow to brownish color having a terrible odor, then you surely happen to be getting through a bacterial infection. And lastly in case it is clear to somewhat cloudy as well as thin, in that case this may perhaps be absolutely normal and you do not have anything to concern yourself with.


In order to get lessen the concentration of your normal discharge, simply wipe off from front to back to avoid the bacteria to spread around. Wearing loose clothes with cotton underwear also helps a lot.

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