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We have gathered here best sources for Periods of Menses Pics, Videos, and Haiz information you completely want to know for girls and women in Urdu and English. Be acquainted also with irregular periods and pain, menses during pregnancy. So sites also offer periods or menses photos, videos and pics. Islam also guides us completely about menses and periods. Know more about this topic below.


Menses Pain Treatment

Medicine Pk is very famous site. It gives information in Urdu and English on very sensitive topics such as menses and periods of girls and women. Visit this website to know more about periods.


Manses Ka Ruk Jana

مینسز رک جانے یا لیٹ آنے کی7وجوہات

1۔  وزن میں کمی یا بہت زیادہ جسمانی کام اور ورزش وغیرہ۔

2۔  بہت زیادہ ذہہنی دبائو یا پریشانی کی وجہ سے۔

3۔  گلے میں موجود تھائیرائڈز کی وجہ سے بحی مینسز کی پرابلم ہو سکتے ہیں۔

4۔  PCOSکا پرابلم جو کہ بہت سی خواتین میں پایا جا سکتا ہے۔

5۔  کسی بھی طرح کی دائمی مرض بھی اس کی بڑی وجہ ہو سکتی ہے۔

6۔  برتھ کنٹرول اور دوسری قسم کی دوائیوں کااستعمال۔

7۔  خواتین کے اندرونی اعضاء کی انفیکشن۔


Videos Pics Photos


Women and girls can face irregular periods and menses and problems due to different reasons. Woman has menses problems during pregnancy, after pregnancy, after miscarriage and due to birth control methods. You should consult your doctor for Treatment irregular periods and other menses problems. Some website also offer home remedies for this problem and periods pain.


This website gives information about home remedies for irregular periods and other menses problems. These tips and home remedies are very simple and easy that you can make it from easily available stuff.



Watch here video of Dr. Zakir Naik speech about Women Menses and related issues.


you can read more here women problems and see photos here in this website. Many girls and women want to know about what other females feel during period pains through pics and videos. We have gathered here some best sites where you can know see pictures of signs and symptoms of menses, home treatment and other facts.


Menses Pictures

shutterstock menses

You can download or just view here menses pics from around the world. It is a condition that almost every girl and women have to face once in a month for decades. Some girls are very afraid of it but it has lot of benefits for your health. It is a natural system that a female requires. You can see here complete graphs, menstruation cycle or just called periods in gif, jpg, vectors and other type of formats. Some of these photos are also helpful to know what to do during menses, treatment, what to wear or any other medical aids.


Periods Pics


young girls want to know that when will their periods start? Health experts say that a girl can have her first menses from age of 10 years to 16 years and it can remain till age of 50 to 70 years. Symptoms including Nausea, headache, laziness, weakness and other sings. Medical experts also suggests that it is a natural cycle so you don't have to stop it unnecessary.


Menses Problems


This website presents discussion on menses or Menstruation periods problems in Urdu, menses timings, menses pain, irregular menses, back pain, treatment and much more information.


Menses in urdu


Lawa online presents Islamic point o view on menses in Urdu. This article is very useful or Muslim girls and women.


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