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 Bridal makeup is generally gives dream look to any girl. Good makeup required good planning and a best and qualified expert bridal makeup artist. Bridal make up is now requirement of every bridal in Pakistan and India. Wedding day is unique day in her life so it is necessary that girls gave perfect makeup on wedding day. Every one notice of bridal makeup. For that reason bridal make is gaining more awareness and importance then before.


Bridal beauty consultant gives her ideas and tips for bridal makeup. Bridal makeup is needed for eyes, lips and face need special techniques. Every one notice of bridals makeup and it is essential to have special looks on that big day.

Lahori Mela - Bridal Makeup Tips


Expert guide that it is necessary to have few facials some days before marriage. Start your journey of look one month before your marriage.  Skin plays vital role in any bridal make up. Most important is that make your hair after your face make up. Avoid of over makeup. Photographs need some kind of special makeup.


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Only professional beauty parlors can do best bridal makeup. So only contact with best beauty parlors. Bridal make should be matched with bride body structure, height and weight.  Best bridal make up includes hair style and face makeup. Your smooth look is first thing and most important in this. Shades and highlights need some need expert hands.




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