List of Free Matrimonial Websites in Pakistan



Pak Rishta

Pak is is a Pakistani Matrimonial Website. You can find here large database of  Pakistani Grooms and Pakistani Brides. Search here for brides and grooms by cast Syed, Arain, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Rajput, Urdu Speaking, Shia and Sunni and many more. Check out their profiles with all details such as photos, age, occupations, address and guardians.


Get Rishta

Get Rishta.vom  is your final destination for Marriage in Pakistan. It is best Muslim Matrimonial website of Pakistan. You can search here rishta for brides and grooms.  Shaadi in Islam and other topics about shadi are also available here. Beautiful and educated rishtay are available here. Get Rishta is an online marriage bureau. Find here girl and boys as bride groom. Best wedding for  Islamabad Lahore and  Karachi,


Sehra Bandi

Sehra is a free Muslim matrimonial service for Pakistani and other people. It is totally free matrimonial site. Any one can connect to this service. You can search here for brides or grooms with photos and complete details from a large database.


Decent Rishtay

Descent is one of the best matrimonial website. This is a modern matrimonial website that has records of thousands of people male and females who want to marry. This website also deals in bridal makeup, bridal dresses. Check out this best Pakistani Muslim marriage website for more details.


Mehndi is one of the top and famous matrimonial website in Pakistan. It has Millions of members in its database. Profiles of members have complete information including photos. Safety is main standard of It also has a unique service of technical support for members. You can get here marriage tips too. Check out the website for Matrimonial in Karachi, Matrimonial in Lahore and all over Pakistan.



Best Islamic and others Marriage Quotes

Find here marriage quotes in the light of Islam. Marriage quotes here are from famous Ahadiths.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “o young people whoever among you support a wife should marry, for that is more humble for the gaze and safer for your secret parts”.

On another place Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said “When a man marries, he has satisfied half of his religion, so let him fear Allah concerning the remaining half”.

One Hadess about bachelors is “The worst among you are your bachelors”.

A website that offers marriage quotes from Quran and Ahadith. You can read here ayats about spouses. Marry the woman of your choice and so as for woman. About mahr or wedding gift from husband to his wife on wedding day. Know more about husband and wife private relations. Ahadees about walima or wedding dinner. Duties and rights of wife and husband for each other.


  • “Love is best expressed by eyes”.


  • “If love is a game then it is one of the hardest games in the world because it is game without rule and regulations”


  • “Love is combination of fire and peace. Flames in hearts and peace in minds”.


  • “There is no instrument that can measure love temperature. It is only you and you who can measure your beat”.


  • “Love is like air, it can’t be touched or we can’t see it but it is essential for life”.


  • “A true mixture of pain, pleasure, sadness, wait, heat and regret”.


  • “Love has graphs. It can’t be same for all times. It goes up and down”.


  • “This world looks more beautiful when you are in love”.


  • “There are two types of love, short and long. Both have different meanings”.


  • “Love is everywhere; you just have to need to explore it near you.”


  • Finding love is not easy when you are busy”.


  • You can’t run away from love, It always chase you and when it finds you obey it as slave”.


  • “Love is a treasure that everyone has inside. Just explore and enjoy this free of cost jewels”.


  • Love is a teacher. It teaches you many things that are very helpful for your coming life”.


  • “Love has different meanings for different relationship. But it should be clear and without hesitation”.


  • “You born when someone in love for first time but you born again when you quit”.


  • “No judgments, no expectations, no wait in true love”.


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