Suhag Raat / SOHAG RAAT ka Tarika





If someone is going to married then Every one wants to know about Suhag Raat. We have gathered here website which is great source for information on suhag raat. This website is not source for suhaag raat ki kahani or videos and pictures etc. It is only for positive purposes only. Suhagraat for Indian and Pakistani people are very mysterious. These websites give information in Urdu and Hindi.


Wedding Night in Islam in Urdu

learn here Islamic ways of marriage night. This a a book written by Dr. Saalih Ibn e Ghaanic. Translated by Jammal udin. Book has 156 pages and publishers are al basher. It cover many topics about marriage including wedding night, rights and duties of husband and wife. Know here fiqha says about marriage.

Islamic marriage handbook. Know here about every aspect of wedding including first night of wedding. Although it is not in Urdu but English used in this books is very easy so that you can understand the whole article very easily.

know here about Muslim wedding night. Every Muslim tries to understand about first wedding night according to Islamic ways. Normally it is a best way to pray 2 or 4 nafals at first night and do everything with your wife according to rules of Islam. Read more about suhag raat in this website.

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