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  Many of us want who are unmarried and going to marry soon want to know something about wedding first night experience, whether it is arranged or love marriage.  There are lots of information now available at net about tips, guidance and dos and doníts of first night of marriage for bride and groom. There are also many sites that are also good source to know this information in Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic and other languages.

This topic is still searched both by men and women all over the world including India, Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia, China and other countries. Lot of people search this topic with pics or pictures but think again, No husband and wife will never give their pictures of their first wedding night experience at Internet or CD or any other source.


First Night of Marriage in Islam

Read here tips and guidance about First night of wedding in Islam in Urdu language. This website is nice source to know and read Islamic perspective of marriage, wife and husband relation in light of Ahadees.

Another best site where you can find a book in Urdu about First night or Pehli Raat. It tells us about proper methods and ways of all with reference of Hadees, Islamic point of view and medical.

Although this website is not Urdu but a good source to know best way of spending first nights of marriage with husband and wife.


First Night Experience in Urdu






First night experience Story






How to Impress Wife or Husband

Here you can learn and explore some best successful methods to propose and win girlís heart. When any person proposes a girl for marriage. It is the most memorable moment of their life. Person who is purposing other must make sure that he or she must not expect no. And donít be late in proposing. Here you can learn 10 ways to propose anyone. Explore the site for these best love tips and get pleasure from this page.

A very nice site for those who want to make strong relations with relatives and friends. Here you can find best 6 ways to love and happiness. Check this site and discover most important tips for your relations. It is very important for us to learn these kind of ideas and thoughts.

In this site find love tips for women and men. Here you can discover remarkable and valuable information about how to develop your relation and get specialist advice and guidance. This also contains love poetry, tips and reviews.


Suhaag Raat in Urdu



If someone is going to married then Every one wants to know about Suhag Raat. We have gathered here websites which are great source for information on suhag raat. This website is not source for suhaag raat ki kahani or videos and pictures etc. It is only for positive purposes only. Suhagraat for Indian and Pakistani people are very mysterious about this speical night and lot of want to know about it. These sites give information in Urdu and Hindi.

Suhaagraat is an one of the important nights in every ones life both in girls and boys. It is important to understand some cultural values and facts before marriage. You can find lot of stories and Kahani of Desi Suhaagraat in India and Pakistan on the net. Every one girl and boys want to know much before marriage night or suhaag ki raat or pehli raat.

Suhaagraat Tips

  • Watch romantic movies

  • Talk about your future planning

  • Take good and health dinner

  • Best perfumes

  • Hassle free

  • Slow and steady

  • Enjoy your relations

First of all we should understand that couple is going to live together for whole life. So donít hurry for anything. Both wife and husband should talk much about their selves and their families, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Always think and talk about future and donít open your past pages. See dreams of your future together. Because Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka has same region and culture, so that Suhaagraat ka tarika bhi aik jaisa hi hey. At first night of marriage both are much tired. You can watch some type of romantic movies and scene. It will help you both. So you should understand all situations. In some cases it is also first meeting of boy and girl or wife is not relative of husband.  If you are living in joint family, then tell her about your family members in details including their habits. And wife should understand that it is now her home. She should live as her husband and his family wants. Most important for both wife and husband is that donít tell your story of kahani of your suhaagraat to your friends next day. These are your ďpersonal relationsĒ.


Wedding Night in Islam in Urdu

learn here Islamic ways of marriage night. This a a book written byh Dr. Saalih Ibn e Ghaanic. Translated by Jammal udin. Book has 156 pages and publishers are al basher. It cover many topics about marriage including wedding night, rights and duties of husband and wife. Know here fiqha says about marriage.  


Suhagrat in Urdu and English

Islamic marriage handbook. Know here about every aspect of wedding including first night of wedding. Although it is not in Urdu but English used in this books is very easy so that you can understand the whole article very easily.  


Suhag Raat in Islam

know here about Muslim wedding night. Every Muslim tries to understand about first wedding night according to Islamic ways. Normally it is a best way to pray 2 or 4 nafals at first night and do everything with your wife according to rules of Islam. Read more about suhag raat in this website.


Suhag Raat ka Tarika

 Wedding first night is called in Suhag Raat in Hindi and Urdu in Pakistan and India. This night is one of the important in everyone life. Many boys and girls are very afraid of it. But If you know customs and real ways to begin than it would be your most amazing night for whole life. We have given here some instructions for new couples. There are many stories or kahanian out their of failure. But remember this is not a test or exam.


Instructions and Tips

  • First of all (for Boys), always keep in mind that your wife is a human being, she leaves her home and her family for you. She will live with you for her whole life and not for a single night so treat here very gently.

  • Donít take any kind of medicine. Take your normal proper food and a glass of milk.

  • Remember ďHaste makes wasteĒ.

  • Take your dinner together, talk. Use proper perfume.

  • Keep in mind health issues all kinds of (her and him).

  • This is not a rocket science. Animals also can do it without guidance. We are humans and our behavior should be gentle and polite.

  • Make this night (Suhag ki Raat) full of love.

  • Husband should first of all win her heart with her real and true love.

  • (For Females) try to cooperate with husband. He is now most important person in your life. Your life is changed now. Talk with him, promise him, and assure him that you would be altogether in all conditions of life.

  • Next day donít tell your stories to your relatives or friends.

  • Don't take all lose or win position.


If someone is going to married then Every one wants to know about Suhag Raat. We have gathered here website which is great source for information on suhag raat. This website is not source for suhaag raat ki kahani or videos and pictures etc. It is only for positive purposes only. Suhagraat for Indian and Pakistani people are very mysterious. These websites give information in Urdu and Hindi.


Wedding Night in Islam in Urdu

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First Night Quotes

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