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Although this is age of Science, computers, satellites and we are living in scientific age but every one of us has heard about mysteries of Bermoda Triangle. Some people believe that is is place of Devil, Dajjal other thinks that there is some hidden power in sea which shows its power to humans and lot of other theories. Hollywood has also made various movies on this most mysterious place on earth. We have collected here some best sites where you can find Bermuda Triangle Videos, Movies, Pictures, maps, Facts, Stories and history in English and Urdu languages.

Bermuda Triangle is also famous with the name of Devil Triangle. It is mysterious place in Atlantic where many airplanes and ships disappeared. It is near to Bahamas, Florida and Caribbean. Many writers said that compass don’t work here. Most famous incident was missing of complete flight 19 mission of US Navy in 1945.


Bermuda Triangle Dailymotion Videos




Everyone of us want to know more about Bermuda Triangle and watching a movie or video is a better option of all. It is spread on vast areas and there are tens of stories and mysteries attached to it. Many ships and airplanes have lost here and most of these never found. This place is famous for strange events. Indeed, many ships disappeared here but more missed in other parts of the world. This triangle is between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda Island and it is one of the most significant, wonderful and weird places on the earth. There are two places on the earth are found where compass change its directions from North Pole to Arctic sides. and if Navigator don’t take care of it then he’ll can lost easily. First such place is called “Bermuda Triangle” and other one is called “Devil’s triangle” and it is found near to Japan.

Other facts about Bermuda Triangle are waves. These are not only fast but also Non-Continuous that every sign of destruction very quickly. Besides this, Its destructive weather turns into hurricanes, Storms or Typhoon in minutes. For these reasons, many ships are lost here and we also have to face life losses. Bermuda Triangle sea is also famous for its depth. Many small and large ships pass here and some drowned for different reasons. There are still many weird and wonderful events happens but there are still no concrete evidence about this place. Hence, This place is still a mystery.




Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

 Lot of people has heard different kinds of stories about Bermuda Triangle but wonder what this place actually is? It is it real or just a story? We are going to tell you’re here the exact location of Bermoda Triangle. First of all it has no borders and is not on land but a imaginary triangle where lot of ships and aircrafts have been lost. It lies between Shores of Florida on one side Puerto Rico and Bermuda. It is also near to Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. There are not any measurements of length and width of Bermuda Pyramid but roughly estimates that it covers almost total are of 5 Lac sqr Miles. You cant get further details about its exact location? And answer to the question like “Is the Bermuda Triangle Real”? and much more.

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  • Map of Bermuda Triangle at: www.worldatlas.com

  • Bermoda Triangle Videos: www.discovery.com

Bermuda Triangle History in Urdu

History of Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle is still a mystory for every one including a common man and scientists. There are tens and hundreds of incidents took place here. There is not other place is as mysterious on the earth as this triangle. Read more about Bermuda triangle history, facts in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

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