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There are hundreds of sites where you can download Entry Test MCQS for Medical, Engineering, MBA, BBA or other programs. We have gathered here best 10 sites from you can prepare for Entry tests for every type of exams. Whether you want to take admission in NUST, LUMHS, UET or any other institute, you have to pass admission test.




Gotest is leading place to find Entry Test MCQs Online. Engineering and Medical are top careers in Pakistan, UAE, USA, India and other countries. Everyone want to become a Doctor or and Engineer because this lucrative career have lot of benefits. And the most necessary step of this path is to take admission in good colleges. Gotest is a one of the best place where you can find MCAT Entry Test Preparation Online.


Available Tests: English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Number of Total Test: 80


Other Test Available: Gotest is one of the best sites to prepare any competition exams whether it is for job or for admissions in top Colleges and Universities. You can also find here other tests such as ECAT, MCAT, Engineering, ISSB, Police Test Medical and Law Tests and many others. 





MCQz as name shows that you can find here MCQs of various entry tests. You can find here online entry test MCQs with answers. It has categories for School, College Level and General Test (MCAt, ECAT, MBA). You will see correct or wrong answer alert in green or red colour immediately after you have selected any of 4 options. In our opinion every it is one of the best sites to prepare for Entry Tests online.


Available Tests: Online test at MCQz are available for SAT, Tofel, GRE, IELTS, ISSB, ECAT, MCAT and others. It also has other information about Study in Australia, Canada etc.


Number of Total Test: Not Available





StudyandExams is another good site to start your journey for preparation of every type of entry tests. Preparing for any kind of competition is not just to study some books but is a complete art. First of all, He/She should make a time table for every day. Try to avoid just “Ratta” or rote up but try to understand meaning and definition of every word and sentence. This site also gives good tips on what is real method of study especially during exams and tests?


Available Tests: “Study and Exam” offer different types of exams preparation including MCAT or Medical college examination Tests, NTS (NAT), CSS and IELTS. It has also preparation guidelines for entry test of Aga Khan Medical College. All Tests have answers also but try to solve before going to answers page so that you can check your knowledge and abilities.  


Number of Total Test: Total 25 Tests are available for MCAT.





Examrace has huge collection of entry test MCQs online for Banks, Police, Army, Colleges and universities. You can find here 2 types of resources. First is totally free and for second study material you have to pay some money. If you can’t afford huge Fees of tuition academies and tutors then just prepare your tests at Exam Race but it require full concentration, hard work and consistency. Although this site has compilation of entry tests for India but you are preparing here Science subject (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) etc which are also helpful in Pakistan or any other country.


Available Tests: You can download here MCQs of Current Affairs, Biology, Mathematics, English, Accounting, Law, MBA and many others.


Number of Total Test: Every Subject has questions and answers of more than 1000.




GeekMCQ claims to have some education experts who give tips and guidance through this site for preparation of various Entry Tests of Top Universities. Many news students who never have attempted Entry Test MCQs don’t have an idea about pattern and format of question and are confused but Geek MCQ guide them fully for all kinds of examinations. But remember that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. It means that don just read once but try to solve these questions again and again for your betterment in real test.


Available Tests: Whether you are preparing for ECAT, MCAT, GAT, NAT or CSS GeekMCQ is one of the best places for training in days. Both Medical and Engineering student should start their ride right from here.


Number of Total Test: More than 500





Medical Test: Medical College Admission Test are commonly knows and MCAT and is most favourite tests in Pakistan. Almost every second girl and boy wants to become a doctor. For this reason, Merit of this test is going higher by each passing year. This test is managed and conducted by UHS and is held normally in July-August every year. Admissions in all recognized Medical Colleges and universities required an Entry test. AllOnlineFree have gathered some good tips, guidance and MCQs online for MCAT entry Test.


Available Tests: this site guides to you in MCAT Test (Biology, Maths, English, Chemistry and Physics). You will get here full assistance without going to any academy and give thousands of Rupees as fee in advance.





Pakprep has one of the largest MCQs collections online for all Entry Tests in Pakistan. Many students want to become a doctor having an aim to serve people. But to achieve this goal every single person has to complete their MBBS from any recognized university. And if you completed your degree from reputed educational institute then you will get better chances of your career. You can also take admissions in Kind Edward, KMDC, FMDC, Aga Khan, DOW, KMUP, AIMC and other by appearing in entrance exams. You can find all details including tests, tips and other guidance material.


Available Tests: You can find here practice tests online for Engineering, Medical, NTS, PAF, Army and others. All questions have answer with full explanations. You can further filter your search by test type, subject or topic of your interest. 


Number of Total Test: Pakprep has more than 15 thousands MCQs for all Science Subjects.





StudySols is rather a new site but is gaining popularity very quickly. It is truly a nice place where you can get all useful information about Tens of different Tests for MAJU, UHS, UET, NUST, ECAT, GD Pilot and others. Many people who have learn a lot from this site say that Webmaster and Admins are doing very well. It is specially a very good site if you are preparing for NUST.




ILM is biggest site of educational information. If you are KPK and want to appear in medical or engineering test then you have to cleat ETEA tests with good percentage of marks. Different colleges and universities has some special admission criteria and those student who are looking for admission in respective colleges must clear these entry tests. Almost 200 MCQs are given in each test for medical and engineering admissions.



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