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This web page provides complete information about General Knowledge Question and answers for kids. It covers topics from around the world, Islam, History, Science, about Pakistan and world. You can also find here Quiz and questions of general knowledge in Urdu. Some books are also available. MCQs are also accessible here.


General Knowledge of Holy Quran (www.paktribune.com)

Pak Tribune presents General Knowledge of Holy Quran. Get here information about total numbers of Sora, Verses, Raku, letters, words, para, longest and shortest surah in  Holy Quran.


250 General Knowledge questions with answers (www.forumpakistan.com)

This website is great source for 250 general knowledge questions and answers. These questions cover all topics such as politics, animals, history, geography, physics, biology, social studies and more.


General knowledge Quiz (www.knowledgebase-script.com)

This is another site that provides every type of general knowledge questions and answers. You can find here general knowledge quiz questions free of charge. Improve your general knowledge through this site.


MCQs of General Knowledge (www.paklinks.com)

Pak links offers MCQs about Pakistan. Although these question are not in hundreds and thousands but few. Anyway visit the site to get some knowledge about Pakistan.  


General Knowledge Questions Answers for Kids


 Although children are taught different subjects in their schools but they should also taught general knowledge from their childhood. There are some special sites where you can find general knowledge questions and answers for kids.


Kids General Knowledge (www.pakistan.web.pk)

Best site for kids general knowledge in Urdu and English about Pakistan, Islam, Sports, Cricket. This website also has other topics such as Muslim baby names for girls and boys, albums, resources and showcase.


Science quiz for kids (sciencekids.co.nz)

Very basic science question for children of different grades. You can find here question about solar system, planets, animals, dna, earth, symbols, PH level, human skeleton, sharks, zebra and more.



Pakbaby is a site where you can find General Knowledge questions with answers for schools going kids of all ages. These MCQs are from every day science, History, English, Math, Geography, Countries and more topics. Many of these are also available in Urdu language so that Urdu medium children can also get benefit from this site and teacher also. Many people find ways to boost their children memory and general knowledge is best way to make your child sharp, intelligent and brilliant. It also boosts your kids confidence.



good collection of general knowledge question about Pakistan and other regions of the world. These question answers are not only helpful for kids but for college and university student, for job interviews and other purposes as well. It also has separate section for Quiz, answers, MCQs etc. You can download these question answers to print it later or use on your pc and mobile phone.


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