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This is official website of Google maps. Explore this site, enter Pakistan in search box to view Pakistan Google map. If you directly want to see any city map then enter city name like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, swat, Gujrat, Rawalpindi, Mardan etc.

you can click on zoom slider to view map closer or with details. Google map is satellite map. You can also download here Google earth map to view in 3d. for more details visit Google maps Pakistan. Google is one of the largest companies in the World.


It always takes technology a step forward and we are seeing innovations consistently almost few months even weeks in every Google application including Google Maps. Every one is fond of Google maps. Now children and elders also can view their homes, cities, roads through this online free service. It 3D view of different cities is gaining more and more popularity day by day. View your Pakistan Map through Google for your city including Lahore, Faisalabad, Larkana, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Gujarat, Sargodha, Jhang, Multan and all others and even villages, lakes, rivers, roads, railway stations and other places.


Google Satellite Map Pakistan





Google always try to introduce new kinds of technology. Its driving directions are one of the best and most used tools in the world. It is very helpful for those who want to create their route map, and want to know what is the distance from point a to point b. You have to just enter your starting point (city, road or other) and destination. For example you want to get direction from Islamabad to Lahore. Just enter both points and know routes including GT Road and Motorways including in between cities, turns and distance details.




Google Karachi Map


Google maps is a great way to know any place on earth. You can real satellite view of Karachi city, roads, street and even can also locate your homes, schools and shops etc.  It also has lot of features including direction, total distance from point a to point b and 3d maps, pictures of specific areas with names and much more. Overall, It is fun, entertainment, knowledge and every one can use it both educated and non education people and even young children. So, let have a look at some few special areas of Google Satellite map.

Many of us think that Google map is live but reality is that it is not live because it is not possible to see satellite live pictures because of some security concerns. Google maps are also satellite pictures but most of the times 1 year or less old. But we hope that soon some one will jump ahead and make it possible to see live maps. Let’s wait and see it in near future.


Google Earth Satellite Map of Karachi







If you are in search of map of Karachi then there are hundreds of sites that have online satellite map of city. But most famous and top is Google earth satellite map. You can download Google earth for free and install it on your computer or just explore the Karachi city by going to Google map site. Just open the site and write Karachi in search box. It will not only show satellite map but also current weather conditions with clouds, temperature, quick facts and local time. You can change from map or satellite view. Map view just shows map and satellite view shows real pictures taken from above. You can zoom in or zoom out to see details of any parts of Karachi city.


DHA city map Karachi






DHA or Defence is posh areas in Karachi and is also famous for its calm and scenic environment. It has lot of phases including Phase 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. You can see here detail dha map and definitely it is very helpful if you are going to meet some one, or just want to buy a plot of house in dha and just want to wander here. Some of phases are under construction and others are completed and has no plot for sale now but houses are available for different sizes. You can explore plotting map of DHA from official website here.


Bahria Town Karachi Map






There are various housing schemes has developed in Pakistan but there is not match with Bahria Town. It has completed many projects in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and now in Karachi. People are showing much interest in its schemes and are fully ready to invest in best towns of Karachi. We have given here map of bahria town Karachi so that you can understand real location and lay out of plots or homes. You can see Bahria town Karachi map here. Residential plots from 125 yards to 2000 sqr yards are available. Commercial plot sizes are from 125to 250 yards. Bahria Homes are of 125 to 200 and Bahria Apartments are of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. It is located 9 kilometer from Super highway.


Do Darya

Port Grand

Karachi University






Check out here Hyderabad Satellite map. Hyderabad is the Second largest City of Sindh Pakistan. View here satellite map by Google, road map, streets and sectors of Hyderabad city and Districts. check out other maps in this website including Karachi, Sukkur, Sindh map and others.



How to Check and Delete Google History

Whether you are using Google on android, iPod, iPhone or computer you can check or delete and remove your Google History. Google chrome automatically safe records  what you have searched for last hours, a day ago, weeks and even months but you can easily clear it. Google History shows your record of visited websites with exact time and date, title and website name.


  1. Open Google chrome.

  2. Go to customize button on upper right corner.

  3. Click on history in menu.


How to Delete Google History?


You can delete or clear your search history all at once or one by one from history page. If you want to clear some specific records or webpage from history then first select it using check box on left corner of every record then click on “Remove selected Items” button on upper area of page. It’ll delete record for this specific webpage. You can do it for a single website, multiple or whole record. OR Use down arrow on far right of every record. It will show you “More from thi site” and “remove from history” options.



How to Check and Delete Google History



History of Google




Google was started in 1996 by two students of Stanford University (Private) California. These students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both of these firstly worked on search engine called BackRub. This search engine was used by Stanford University. 1997 Larry and Sergey decided to give their search engine a new name. They took Google from word Googol which is used in mathematics. Google aim was to never-ending quantity of information on the web. 1998 Google was in top 100 website of the word. It had 8 employees in start of 1999. in 2000 Google launched their services in other languages such as French, German, Spanish and few more. In June 2000 Google became first largest search engine in the world. To read complete history of Google visit the site.






How to Change homepage on Google Chrome



If you have more than one user of your computer then every user can set its own background or theme schemes. You can download as many themes and backgrounds as you like. Other options are also customizable and are free for every Google user. All these changes are applicable on windows os, mac, mobiles, android and other devices and Operating systems. Other changing you can make through Google settings are users, default browser, home button, appearance and what you want to see when first open Google homepage.

How to download and set Google themes and background

  1. Click on Google chrome menu button on right corner. google chrome setting button

  2. Click on settings.

  3. Now go to get themes button.

  4. Select here from variety of themes from educational, business, games, lifestyle, popular and from lot of other collection.

 how to change google chrome themes and background

How to set Homepage on Google chrome

Here you can set you homepage setting for Google chrome.

First option is “open the New Tab page”.

Second option is “continue where I Left off”.

Third option is “open a specific page or set of pages”.

how to change google chrome homepage

You have to change or rename driver letter for different reason. It is possible to change driver letter of hard drive partitions, CD, DVD, External drive and USB. But it is suggested that avoid to changing C drive. It can cause problem or can harm windows or other operating systems. 







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