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We have gathered here best 10 sites where you can find online Islamic Urdu Book for free. You can find here books about Hadees, Islamic History, Hayat e Tayaba, Ramazan ka Fazail and 100s of books on other topics. These are equally useful for students, kids, elders and others. There is now no need to spend thousands of rupees to buy books from shops but just use these online collections and increase your knowledge.




 PdfBooksFree is one of the top sites to download or read Islamic books online for free. You can find here literature about different topics of Islamic. To build and increase morality and behavior everyone should read and learn Islamic ways of daily life. Life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is role model for every human being including a common man, a leader, a politician, a husband, a businessman and a head of army. Life of Profit also tells us about what are real values and origins of humanity. Learning Islam is equally important today as it was a thousand years ago. By acting upon these ideologies and values, we can also life a happy life today also.


Available Books: This site has huge list of Islamic books and here are some of its best collection.

  • Durrod Shareef Ke Fazail

  • Hazrat Rabia Basri r.a. (PDF)

  • Shaheed e Karbala

  • Tariq Bin Ziyad

  • Hazrat Sulemaan

  • Toofan e Noh

  • Qasass ul Anmbiya





 BestIslamicUrduBooks is a blog which is totally dedicated for online Islamic Books in Urdu on different topics. Many Muslims and Non Muslims want to learn more about Islam and its basic pillars and these books are very helpful for everyone. Whether it is Namaz, Roza, Haj, Umrah or any other topic, you can find here books on almost all these mentioned topics and many others.

You can find here set of Tens of books on various topics but best and most popular are these.

  • Pardah Kia Hey

  • College Aur Larki

  • Islamic Marriage

  • Six Women are Sinners

  • Guldasta e ahadees

  • Faizan e Ramzan

  • Halala ka tariqa

  • Khushnaseeb Mian Biwi

  • Talak or Divorce key masail





UrduBooksDownload is a place with lot of books in Urdu about Islam. It has a online library of Urdu and English in pdf or Audio formats. Many people from around the world are already learning Quran online from this site from a qualified tutor. This site is updated frequently and new Islamic Urdu Books on various topics are added by different authors.


Books Available: Thousands of books have been added here almost on every subject of Islam in Urdu.

  • Bayan ul Qran

  • History of Islam

  • Tafseer in Urdu

  • Ilm ka Sumandar

  • Shadi se Shadiyon tak

  • Makeup in Islam

  • Ramzan ki 3 Ibadatain



Urdupoint has not a huge collection of Islamic books but very selective collection written by famous writers including Doctor Asif Mehmood Jah, Shahid Nazeer Chouhdri, Allama Muhammad Ghazli, Javed Iqbal and many others. It is very famous site and also have lot of books on various topics about Sports, Biographies, Novels and others.


Available Books:

  • OOliya e Karam

  • Allah Muhammad aur Banda

  • Allah Kaaba aur Banda

  • Phir Soye Haram Ley Chal

  • Khawab or Tabeer

  • Hajj o Umrah Guide

  • 100 Questions about Islam

  • Shan e Sahaba




 UrduSoftBooks is an excellent site with few outstanding Islamic Books in Urdu to read online or download in pdf format. These all books are real treasure for everyone which you can also get here. Some Authors spends months or even years to write a good book. Many of these kinds of literature are also available from years but only in print editions. You can download these in just minutes and save in into your mobile phone or computer to read it.



Books Available:

  • Nikah Ke Chandd Batain

  • Hazrat Ishaq A.S

  • Bikhray Moti

  • Doomsday and Life After Death




Kitabghar reminds me a virtual bookstore but here we donít have to buy books by paying money but have big collection of various Science, Story Books, Kids, Horror, History and Islamic Books in Urdu. This site is online from years and highly recommended by various bloggers. Although some books were written many years ago but has also readership in today world (Words Never Dies). You can choose a book by your age group or by category. We are not saying that it is No. 1 site but it has a good collection of books for everyone.


Available Books: Kitabghar is a bit choosier compared to other sites pointed here before. Here are some of books accessible on this site.

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim

  • Azeem Islami Shakhsiat

  • Allah Key Muhajid




Quranurdu Urdu Books page has two title columns. One is in Urdu and other is in English. It is a good-looking site where you can view or download Islamic or other books very easily. Just open file in PDF format to read it online or to save it into your PC or Mobile devices.  


Available Books:

  • Narazgi e Rab Say Bachnay ka Tareeka

  • Tazkia e Nafs

  • Assas e Deen ki Tameer

  • Khawateen aur deeni masail

  • Tajdeed o Ehya e deen





Tazkeer is not just a site that has Tens of Islamic Books, Lectures, Daroos, Dua and Azkar but is need of today world for every Muslim. It is totally free and a basic site to understand Islamic Values in Urdu Language. Additionally, this site is updated frequently and more books are added by various authors. You can also search any book by its authors.


  • Al Nabi Al Kahtim

  • Ilm aur Tahqeeq Ka Kirdar

  • Deen aur Khawateen

  • Masla Qurbani

  • Karney ka kaam


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