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Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua MP3, Video in Urdu


Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Lyrics in Urdu

زندگی شمع کی صورت ہو خدایا میری

لب پہ آتی ہے دُعا بن کے تمنا میری

ہر جگہ میرے چمکنے سے اجالا ہو جائے

دور دنیا  کامیرے دم سے اندھیرا ہو جائے

ہو مرے دم سے یونہی میرے وطن کی زینت

جس طرح پھول سے ہوتی ہے چمن کی زینت

علم کی شمع سے ہو مجھ کو محبت یا رب

زندگی ہو میری پروانے کی صورت یا رب

درد مندوں سے ضیفوں سے محبت کرنا

ہو میرا کام غریبوں کی حمایت کرنا

میرے اللہ برائی سے بچانا مجھ کو

نیک جو راہ ہو اس راہ پہ چلانا مجھ کو

Download here Lab Pe Aati hay Dua in Mp3 Audio and Video Formats. You can also find here lyrics for this famous Dua by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It is very poem and almost every one has already listen it or remember it in their school days. School day is started with this Dua and children love to sing it. We have collected here some best sources below where you can Listen online or download Lab Pe Aati Hey Dua in MP4, MP3, Audio, Mobile, Video and other formats. You can also read below lyrics of this dua in Roman Urdu format.


Mp3 Songs


This is one of the best places where you can listen, download audio or video Lab pe Aati Hai Dua Banke Tamanna Meri and many other poems and songs for schools and kids in Hindi and Urdu. It is a famous prayer and almost every one of us has heard it in our school days and it is written very beautiful and is also sung very handsome. All children love to sing it whether they are toddlers or kids of any grade. You can also find here complete Lyrics of this poem and other songs. It it also a best site to get more information about Top Indian and Top 10 songs of the month. You can download it directory from site or save the link into your computer and save from target.


Mp3 Hungama


It is another good site where you can download various mp3 poems and songs from variety of Pakistani, Wedding, Ghazals, Pahto, Qawallies, Indian and other kinds of songs. You can also download here Lab pe aati hai dua in mp3 format and the save it in your computer, mobile, iphone, itab or any other device and listen it later. All children memorize it very quickly and easily after listening it just few times. It lyrics are also very simple and tone is very sweet.



Download here lab pe aati hai dua in mp3. you can also download this dua in ringtone format for your mobile.



Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua MP3 Download


You can listen or download mp3 audio and video format of Lab Pe Aati hai Dua Bank ke Tamana Meri”. It is also favorite among children both girls and boys of schools. Children love to sing this beautiful poetry. Here are some best sources where you can listen and download Lab pe aati hai dua bank ke tamana meri.






Lyrics of Lab pey Aati Hai Dua


Lab pay aati hay dua ban key tamana mairy

Zindagi shamma qi sorat hu khuddaya mairi

Dur duniya ka meray dam say andheira ho jayay

Har jagha meray chamkanay say ujaala ho jayay

Hu mairay dam say yohin mairay wattan ki zeenat

Jiss tarah phool say hote hay chamman ki zeenat

Zindagi hu mairi parwanay ki sorat ya rab

Ho maira kaam ghareebon ki himayat karma

Dard mandoon say zaefon say mohabbat karma

Mairay Allah burai say bachaana mojh ko

Nek jo rah ho os rah pay chalaana mojh ko 




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