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Many of us want to know the Real list of Top 10 Richest People in Pakistan, what they do, which they are and many other related kind of questions. Although there are many families and groups which are earning much more money than they have declared publicly but we have gathered here a list of top and most famous rich people in Pakistan. You might know most of them already but know more here about some of their important facts and figures. Besides this list there are many other Pakistanis living in UK, Japan, USA, Middle East and other countries who are making million and billions dollars a year and most of them have are very famous abroad.

Note. This list was published in wikipedia page “List of Pakistanis by net worth” and could be changed time to time.


Shahid Khan


Sahid Khan is a Pakistani living in America. He name is in the list of top riches People in America. He belongs to Lahore but settled to US to change his life decade ago.

Date of Birth: 18 July 1950

Education: Bachelor of Sciences (Industrial Engineering)

Companies and Business: Owner of Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL and famous football team Fulham FC.

Net Worth: More than 5 Billions US Dollars


Mian Muhammad Mansha


Almost every one of us has already this name and knows that he is a tycoon from decades in Pakistan. Lest know more about his life in short details. Mian Mansha basic business was textile related but he is also well known Personality in banking sector. He is Number 1 richest man in Pakistan. Have you ever heard Nishat Group? Mian Muhammad Mansha is the man who is founder of this famous group and now his sons are also making their efforts for progress of their business.


Date of Birth:  1947 in Lahore

Education:   --

Companies and Business: 

·        Nishat Textile

·        MCB Bank

·        DG Cement

·        Adamjee Insurance

·        Nishat Power Generation

·        Poultry

·        Hotels

·        Agriculture Farming

Net Worth:  More that 2.5 Billion US Dollars


Asif Ali Zardari


Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is co Chairperson of PPP, Husband of Mohatarma Sheed Benazir Bhutto and ex president of Pakistan. Although he is more famous as a politician but many of us don’t know that he is also a business man. Asif Zardari and his family has various kind of business in Sindh and other parts of Pakistan.

Date of Birth:  July 26 1955

Education:   Graduated from Cadet College Petaro and London School of Business Studies

Companies and Business: 

·        Agriculture and Commercial Land in Different areas of Sindh, mostly in Hyderabad, Karachi, Nawabshah, Tando Allyar and a house in Islamabad

·        Industry

·        Real Estate

·        Shares in Sugar Mills in Sindh

·        Businesses in Dubai and UK

Net Worth:  $1.8 Billion



Sir Anwar Pervez


Though he is currently not residing in Pakistan but is well know and is a tycoon in UK. He is basically from Gujar khan near Rawalpindi and was settled in his young age to seek better future. Anwar Pervez started his business from a Convenience store and has now a big name in UK.

Date of Birth:   1935

Education:    --

Companies and Business: 

·        Bestway Stores

·        Bestway Cement

·        UBL Bank

·        Real Estate an Construction

·        Well Pharmacy UK

Net Worth:   More than $ 1.5 Billion till 2011



Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif


Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 2 time Prime Minster of Pakistan (Founder of PMLN) and well known business man in Pakistan. He and his family have lot of business in Pakistan including Sugar Industry, Steel Mills, Poultry and Agriculture. His father Muhammad Sharif was also a businessman and migrated from India to Pakistan after Partition.


Date of Birth:    July 27 2011

Education:    GC University Lahore, Punjab University Law College

Companies and Business of Ittefaq Group, Al Shafi Group and Sharif Group. These assets are not only on the name of Nawaz Sharif but also on Hamza Shahbaz and others family members.

·         Kashmir Sugar Mills

·        Kashmir Feeds Ltd

·        Ittefaq Sugar Mills

·        Hudabiya Papers Mills

·        Hudabiya Engineering

·        Ittefaq Steels Mills

·        Ramzan Sugar Mills


Net Worth:    $ 1.4 Billions


Sadruddin Hashwani


Hashoo group is not a new name in business of Hotels and others. It is owned by Sadruddin Hashwani and his family members. He is also among the list of richest persons in Pakistan. He has business not only in Pakistan but also in Middle East, Libya and other countries.

Date of Birth:   February 19 1940

Education:  Dropped out of college

Net Worth: 1.1 US Dollar Billions

Companies and Business: 

·        Marriott Hotels

·        Pearl Continental

·        Hotel One

·        OPL

·        Zaver Petroleum Corporation (ZPCL)

·        Orient Petroleum

·        Osprey Petroleum

·        Bruj Al Baher Libya

·        Pearl City Multan (Real Estate)

·        Milan Project Italy

·        Cera e Noor Crockery

·        Gelcaps Capsules


Malik Riaz Hussain


Although there are tens of billionaires in Pakistan but almost have already heard the name “Malik Riaz Hussain”. He is top and most popular real estate tycoon in Pakistan and is CEO of Bahria Town. He is not only famous for his wealth but also for his charity programs all over Pakistan. Bharia town has projects in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Date of Birth:   February 8 1954

Education:  N/A

Net Worth: 1.1 US Dollar Billions

Companies and Business: 

·        Bahria Town


Nasir Hussain Sachon

Nasir Schon is a tycoon in real estate business from decades and have introduced various projects in Middle eastern countries.

Date of Birth:   N/A

Education:  N/A

Net Worth: 1.0 US Dollar Billions

Companies and Business: 

·        Schon Properties Dubai

·        Dubai Lagoon

·        AVA Designer Residence

·        Dubai Investments Park


Dewan Comapines

Dewan Group of companies is one other largest business hub in Pakistan and has various projects all over Pakistan. They are very well known in cements, textile, motors and other industries.

Net Worth: •  0.8 Billion US Dollar


  • Dewan cement Limited Hattar

  • Dewan Motors (Hyundai, KIA, BMW Pakistan)

  • Dewan Salman Fibre Mills Hattar Haripur

  • Chemicals

  • Dewan Sugar Mills

  • Sugar Mills at (Thatta, Khoski, Talhar)

  • Textile Mills at Hyderabad

  • Spinning Mills

  • Weaving Mills



Rafique Habib

Rafique Habib is mostly know name in field of Construction and already has completed many roads, Bridges and others in different areas of Pakistan but this group also has other business.


Companies and Projects

·        Roads

·        Bridges

·        Residential projects

·        Large Buildings

·        Power and Energy

·        Petrochemicals

·        Oil and Gas




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