Constitution of Pakistan 1973, 1962, 1956 in Urdu pdf

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Get here comprehensive information about Constitution of Pakistan of 1973, 1956 and 1962 in Urdu and English. Some websites also offer to download constitution of 1962, 1973, and 18th amendment in constitution of Pakistan in pdf formats.


Download Constitution of Pakistan 1973 in pdf



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Many people ask questions like “Where to buy constitution 1973”. So, if you need then you can get it free here. You don’t need to buy it from any book shop or from online store. You can complete download it here with 138 pages in pdf format and is also printable. It also has first to 6th schedule and other Salient Features. You can Download Constitution of Pakistan 1973 whole book.


Download Constitution of Pakistan 1956 in Urdu in PDF

You can free download complete 1956 Constitution in Urdu PDF. Read here complete constitution of Pakistan of 1956 and its amendments. It also offers Pakistan’s legislative history. one of the best place to read all amendments, And other chapters including Fundamental rights, principles of policy, majlish e Shoora and lot others.


Main Point in 1956 Constitution

  • Security of Person
  • Right to Fair Trial
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Right of Information
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Equal opportunity for all Citizens
  • Protection of Minorities
  • Islamic Way of Life
  • Women Part in national life

This is official website of National Assembly of Pakistan. This site also offer complete constitution of Pakistan in pdf format. You can read here or download it in your pc.


Constitution of Pakistan 1973 in Urdu


Most famous is constitution of Pakistan is of 193. We are giving here sites where you can get information about fundamental rights, amendments, salient feature, article 6 and others of this constitution. Information is available both in Urdu and English.



Constitution of Pakistan 1973 Urdu Version

Download and print the complete Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 full. It is available in txt or pdf format to download or print.



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