Daewoo Karachi Contact Number, Karachi to Lahore Fare  

Daewoo has best bus service in Pakistan. It also has terminal in Karachi. Passengers can book their seats by contact Number of terminal office or Check Timings / Schedule of Buses. Its cargo service is also very excellent.

Sammi Daewoo gives top traveling service from Karachi to Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad, Abbotabad and Peshawar although ticket prices are high than other bus services in Pakistan.

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Contact Number / Telephone Number

Here is contact Number of Daewoo Bus Karachi. You can make a call at UAN number 111-007-008.You can make your advance booking for these cities 2 days before your departure. Your booking will expire before 15 minutes of departure and you can buy tickets any time. Other people can purchase tickets before 1.5 hour before departure.  

Passenger can make their reservation by phone call or at terminal. Daewoo cargo is also available for all cities.  

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 You can reserve your seat at Daewoo from Karachi to almost all major cities of Pakistan. It is now connected with Punjab, Islamabad, Lahore and KPK. Daewoo takes almost same time as typical buses come to Karachi but it will reach Karachi very early when Motorway will be completed. It runs on speed of 120 per hour at Motorway from Lahore to Rawalpindi or Peshawar. People of Karachi are very happy at Daewoo bus service from their city. Daewoo bus has not match in Pakistan till now. It offer most quality and comfort journey but at little bit more fare or ticket price than other buses or trains from Karachi.
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Terminal Address: Sector 3b, Coridor Area, Scheme No. 33, Main Super Highway, Karachi.

Daewoo Bus Karachi Number

contact number: 021-111-007-008