Faisalabad Metro Bus Route and Timings

Punjab Government is behind Metro bus Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan. Faisalabad is 3rd largest city in Pakistan and 2nd on Punjab. It is spreading at very fast speed on its all sides. Public transport is one of the vital needs of today.

You can contact with given Helpline Number to know more Fares, Tickets, Timing and route etc.


Students, employees, businessmen, women and others travel through different transportation means everyday. Roads of Faisalabad are far better than few years ago. It is estimated that rush on roads will decrease after metro bus started in Faisalabad. Government has plans to finish the Metro bus in 10 months of short Period.

Millions of people travel through Metro bus which is very safe, economical and comfortable also.

Faisalabad Metro Bus Route

 Here are FDA Proposed Metro Bus route

Faisalabd Metro Bus has 2 Phases.


Phase 1 Metro Bus Route

Her are FDA Proposed Metro Bus route

  1. Narwala Chowk or Adda (Starting Point)

  2. Jinnah Colony Gates

  3. University of Agriculture Entrance Gates

  4. University Road Via DCO office

  5. GTS Bus Stand Chowk

  6. MSC CHowk

  7. Abdullah Pur Chowk

  8. Kohinoor Stop (Jarranwala Road)

  9. D Ground People Colony

  10. D-Mall Road

  11. Gate Chowk

  12. Pahari Chowk

  13. Fawara Chowk Ending Point


Phase 2

  1. Manawala Adda Sheikhupura Road (Starting Point)

  2. Nishatabad Bridge

  3. Millat Chowk

  4. Sargodha Road

  5. Allied Hospital

  6. Jinnah Colony Gates

  7. Kotwali Road

  8. Chenab Chowk

  9. Jhang Road (Ending Point)