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In this category you can view here Pakistan government and private sites including, PIA, Pakistan Railway, Pakistan Telecommunication, Pakistan Anthem, Flag, Motorway etc.


If you want to know about Pakistan, its institutions and other basic facts. Official name is Islamic republic of Pakistan. Founder is Quid e Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah. Its national poet is Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Estimated population is 165 million. It has 4 provinces, FATA and Azad Kashmir. 95 percent are mulish and other are minorities. Its gdp rate 5.8%. National language is Urdu and official language is English. Literacy rate in Pakistan is 53 percent. Main imports are chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum etc. famous exports are cotton and textile products, leather garments, fruits, medical equipments, Sport items etc. jasmine is national flower. Visit the site for more information and government offices links.


Pakistan has very rich culture and social country in the world. It has all natural beautiful sceneries such as Highest Mountains in the world, vast plains, charming deserts, shining and clear water rivers, best canal system and sea. Pakistani people are famous for their hospitality. Visit the site for true image of Pakistan. It has also videos sections.


Official website of tourism department government of Pakistan. Get all information about traveling in Pakistan. What are most charming tourism destinations in Pakistan? Where to stay in that area. How to reach there. Motels and restaurants in those places. Trekking and adventure tours and guide in karakorams, Himalayas, and other northern areas. You can find here tour packages and trips to different destinations and rates.


Walji’s started its first travel and ticketing agency in Rawalpindi in year 1965. It has a main role in Pakistan tourism. 400 staff members are now working in it. It has 200 transport vehicles and 14 offices all over Pakistan. Walji’s tours also awarded tourism trophy by Prime minister. If you are planning to visit and travel in Pakistan then this site can guide you and help in all your needs. Air ticketing, tour packages, accommodations and other facilities. Find here also Pakistan map, sloping and transportation information.


Official website of Supreme Court of Pakistan. You can put here final appeal. It is above all courts of Pakistan. Know here personal details about Chief justice and other judges of Supreme Court and officers. It has branches in Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, and Peshawar other than Islamabad. You can also view here online case results. Supreme court have its own rules and regulations.



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