Karachi Airport Arrivals, Departures Flight Schedule

Jinnah international airport Karachi is largest airport in Pakistan. Thousand of people from Pakistan and other countries want information including flight inquiry number for International and domestic arrival / departures and weekly flight schedule, Jobs, Car or taxi service, Hotels, and others.

You can search for current status of flight, expected time and flights from Dubai, Jeddah, Sharjah, London, Muscat, Bahrain, Doha and other countries online. Below is given list of large airways with contact numbers so that your can get latest flight enquiry, flight arrivals and departure timings etc at Karachi Airport.


Karachi Airport Arrivals


Lot of flights arrive and departure from Karachi Airport to different airports of the world. You can get live status of international arrivals and departure through airport website or by Civil Aviation website. Another way to know exact timing or schedule of flights is by calling at flight inquiry or contact number of airline office at Karachi airport. Get current live status of domestic and international flights arrival and departure at Karachi airport Arrival.



As you already know that Karachi International airport is one of the busiest airports in Pakistan and also in World. Several flights have departure and arrival schedule from here.


International Arrival

People from all over the world come to Karachi through PIA, Gulf, Air Arabia and other international airlines. Flights arrive here from London, New York, Dubai, Jeddah, Meddina, Jakarta, Sydney, and many other airports. So, what you can see through Flight search of International Arrival page of Jinnah International Airport Karachi. You can check flight status of all international flights. It gives us brief details about

 International Arrival Schedule

  • Flight number

  • Route including starting to destination airport (e.g. Jed-khi)

  • Origin of Airline or flight (e.g. Dubai)

  • Day of flight scheduled

  • Exact time of flight arrival

  • Expected Day

  • Expected Time (could vary from flight scheduled time)

  • Status will tell you about flight (landed, Confirmed at Karachi, Expected, Scheduled, Delayed and Cancelled)


Domestic Arrival

You can check latest domestic flight arrival schedule.  Passengers come at Karachi airport from Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sukkur, Multan and other cities of Pakistan daily. Different airlines have domestic services for Karachi airport including PIA, Shaheen Airlines, Airblue and Indus airways. Some flights are non stop and other have single or double stopover in between. Domestic flight schedule guides us about current status including time of flights.




You can check Karachi airport departure time, flight schedule, current status, expected time and other information online very easily. This page will give you complete details about domestic and internationals departure and it is updated automatically after few minutes regularly so that you can get here latest schedule. It is also available both on mobile and computers.


Domestic Departure

Karachi is situated at far end of south Pakistan and people come and go here and use different means of transportation including airlines, buses, trains and other vehicles. All latest domestic departure status for today is available. Whether it is PIA, Shaheen, Indus, Airblue or any other airline, it has all flight schedule for ever domestic airports.

See Karachi Airport Domestic Departure.


International Departure

Jinnah International Airport Karachi is a place where thousands of passengers use various airlines to go to Dubai, London, Jeddah, Meddina and other countries. PIA has origin from here and some other airlines come and stop here form other Asian countries. Now there is no need to contact at any inquiry number to check flight schedule but all details is available.

Check International Departure for all flights.



 Karachi Air Flight Schedule

Jinnah International (Karachi Airport) is the larges airport in Pakistan. Lot of domestic and international flights arrive and departure on daily basis from here. You can get complete current flight schedule for domestic and international flights or weekly flight schedule. Domestic flights are for Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan and other cities of Pakistan. Main airlines operates within Pakistan are PIA, Air Indus, Shaheen and Air Blue. Flight schedule shows flight status with complete detail like flight number, route, destination, schedule day, Arrival and departure time expected time and current status.


International Flight schedule

Karachi airport is one of the busiest international airports in the World. Lot of airplanes arrives and departure daily from inside and outside of Pakistan. Karachi is city of business and people from around the world comes and go here daily through different airlines. If you want to know flight schedule of Karachi airport for today or yesterday for any flight then there are several method could be used. Departure and arrival flight schedule is available at official website of Jinnah International airport Karachi. It has all information such as airline name, number, flight current status exact timings of departure and arrival. This flight schedule is updates frequently after few minutes. The other way is to to just connect with contact or customer care number of airlines of PIA, Aero Asia, Emirates, Shaheen, Air Blue, Indus air and others.

Although there are lot of other sites on the net which have information regarding flight schedule but we recommend only official website of Karachi international airport. It has authentic, updated and accurate flight schedule for domestic and international flights. There is now no need to arrive hours before at airport but just get timing of flights from Jinnah International.



Flight Inquiry Numbers


This is official website of Karachi Airport. Yon check latest flight schedule from flight inquiry. Just select option from Domestic or international Departures and arrivals and weekly flight schedules from Jinnah International Airport Karachi. There are two runways at Karachi airport. Capacity is 15 flights per hour.

There are 42 parking stands for air planes and 12 are with gates and parking bays are 30. You can also see here pictures of airport. Karachi airport is largest airport in Pakistan. Head office of Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan is also in Airport building. PIA office is also inside. You can also find here offices of all airlines of world with address and phone Numbers.


Airline and Contact number

PIA: 021-4673721-30

Air Blue: 021-4671263

Qatar Airways: 021-4589005

Etihad Airways: 0080090044017

Thai Air: 021-45708447

Gulf Air: 021-5675231


Karachi Airport Arrival

Phone number: 021-4671139


Karachi Airport Taxi Contact Numbers

Metro Radio Cab: 021-4671004

White Cab:    021-4671095

Pearl Taxi:     021-4604465



Hotels near Karachi Airport


Karachi International airport is largest in Pakistan and lot of thousands of people come and go from here. You can find best hotels near Karachi airports from 5 stars to 2 stars. Know more about room rates, reservation and other details at some of these best hotels here:


Ramada Hotel

Address: Ramada Plaza Karachi airport Hotel, Star Ave. Terminal 1, Karachi

Ph: 021-99242600


PIA Airport Hotel Karachi

Address: Airport Hotel, Skyrooms limited, Str Gate Road, near Old Airport Road, Karachi

Contact No. 021-34578401


Midway Hotel

Location Address: Star Avenue, Terminal Number 1, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Contact No. 021-4570371


Grand Mercure Hotel

Address: Grand Mercure Hotels Krachi Airport, Star Ave, Terminal 1

Ph: 021-39242600




Q. How many hours should a passenger arrive before a flight at airport loundge?

A. It is advised for all passenger of domestic flight that they should come almost 2 to 3 hours before flight and people who are using international flight should come at least 4 hours before their fight departure time.


Q. I am coming from abroad and how many people are allowed to receive me inside airport building?

A. Greeters can come to receive you but only a single person is allowed in terminal building to receive you. Others can wait outside or parking area side.


Q. Is it necessary to have a polio vaccination for people who are going abroad?

A. Yes, every passenger who is going abroad from Pakistan must have Polio free or vaccination certificate. If you have not already taken this certificate then you can can contact with health office at Karachi airport or get it from any DHQ hospital in your district.


Q. Is there any separate are for Prayers is available at lounge?

Yes, airport authority has set prayers areas in every lounge both for Males and females. There is also a Mosque near CAA MT.


Q. I have a complaint against services. To whom should I contact and what is the procedure.

A. You can register your complaint through epage of complaint at official website page of Jinnah International Airport Karachi.


Q. I have lost my bag and some documents. It is almost five hours have been passed till now but still missing. What should I do and where i have to contact with?

A. There is a special office for lost and found at Karachi airport building. You can contact at this number for your lost luggage or for reclaim of your baggage 091-9211525 and then ask for extension. 3063.


Q. From where I can get exact timings of arrival and departure timings and status?

A. You can check latest flight schedule and status of any domestic or international flight from official website or by contact at phone number. Or you can check it at display board at airport.


Q. How much weight is allowed for a single passenger?

A. It may vary from airline to airline service. So, You should contact with your flight information office.