Karachi is located near Arabian Sea and its weather remains different than other areas of Pakistan. You can feel cool breeze at evening and nights but in summer days are usually hot and humid. There is no season of rains but sometimes unexpected rains lasts for few days or little showers for minutes or hours. We have collected here information about Karachi weather and best sites where you can check today weather update and forecast from BBC, CNN, Yahoo, MSN, Geo or Google. Many of these sites offers weather forecast for 10 days, satellite images and rain forecast.


Satellite View





BBC Weather Karachi


This is official website of BBC. You can check here current weather and forecast of Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. 5 day forecast is available here and temperature, wind, humidity and other details.

BBC New is very popular news channel from UK but it is also popular for weather forecast updates. You can also check here today and current weather report of Karachi or any other city of Pakistan. Forecast is available for next 5 days with details of rain, sunshine, clouds, air speed, humidity in air, visibility, pressure, wind directions etc. You can also check here hourly weather for day and night. This report is available in graph and table formats to understand it better. If you want to see maps then BBC weather maps are also a good source to understand current weather positions.  

CNN weather Karachi 10 days forecast

If you are looking for Karachi weather that there is not best place to check it than CNN weather page. It has all details that you can think including current condition, tonight, tomorrow, Barometer, sunrise and sunset time in Karachi. It also has satellite maps, temperature and forecast for next few days. You can check local temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Once you open the page for first time then you can save your location and make it your default weather page for this computer. And whenever you open cnn weather, your default page will automatically will open.


Yahoo Weather Forecast and Update

Though yahoo is one of the top search engine in world of internet but it also is a good place for latest news from the world and weather forecast and updates. Yahoo Karachi weather page has some unique kind of features such as monthly trends, Sun and Moon, wind and Pressure. You can check here

Current Weather Conditions

Today weather forecast

5 days weather forecast

10 days weather forecast


10 Days Weather forecast Karachi

You can check here 10 days weather forecast of Karachi and other areas of Pakistan. This forecast includes daily temperature, wind speed, humidity in the air, Chances rain, sunny or cloudy weather.

This is one of the best places to know weather forecast of Karachi for 10 days. You can check here weather details of daily updates and next ten days for Karachi and other parts of the world.


CNN weather forecast Karachi


CNN is famous TV channels and news agency. It also provides weather of Karachi. Check out here current Karachi weather conditions of today and tomorrow. Check here sunrise and sunset time, humidity. You can also check here CNN weather forecast for net 7 days.


See here latest and updated Karachi weather forecast, Karachi temperature. BBC weather and CNN weather are best and most authentic weather updates and live reports websites in the world. To check current and latest weather of Karachi just visit these sites.


Temperature of Karachi varies from other cities of Pakistan in summer and winter days compare to inside Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab or KPK. Because largest city is located right very near to sea so humidity, breeze and temperature of sea have a great effect on this city. Sometimes, many months pass without a drop of single rain and suddenly then sudden rain causes water everywhere in the roads of city.

Every when feels very pleasant whether in summer evenings, when the rest of the country is plagued by heat and when there is extreme cold and fog at its peak in Punjab or other parts of the Pakistan, temperature of Karachi remains very pleasant. So, It is a good place both in summers and winter or any other days of the whole year. For this reason, People from all over Pakistan and other countries of the world comes here for traveling in every month of whole year. We have collected here some best site that offers current weather and temperature in Karachi.





If you want to know current temperate of Karachi or any other city of Pakistan then there is no best and accurate place thanAccuweather. It gives complete information about minimum, maximum of today with other details also such as weather forecast, satellite view, humidity, wind speed etc. You can also see here sunrise and sunset time and it is very beneficial for prayer timings of Fajar and Maghrib or exact timing of Iftar in month of Holy Ramadan.


BBC Karachi Current Temperature

BBC basically a new chanell from UK but it also is very famous for world weather and current temperature news. You can know more about current temperature in Karachi or get further details about forecast for next 5 days. It is automatically updated after few hours and you can also see all updates on your mobile or iphone.


Karachi Temperature today is an international site which is only dedicated to weather conditions all over world including Karachi Pakistan. You can get here latest current temperature, radar and satellite images, weather cameras, sun and moon phases and all other details. What is cover in current conditions, it wraps temperature, barometer, Humidity in the air, dew point in minus or plus, win speed in Kilometer per hour and visibility in also kilometer which is very helpful for airline pilots and engineers.


Karachi Weather forecast for 10 days

Another good place to now accurate current temperature of Karachi in Celsius. It shows exact temperature and also shows that “how it feels like” which can be little number higher or lower and exact figures. You can also see complete details for last 24hours, hourly temperature, 36 hours, 7 or 14 days. Forecast temperature is a good way to know about coming few days or even weeks. It also has a remaining time to show next update report and it almost is in few minutes. So, If you are interested in frequently temperature updates then there is not other best place than this.



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