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Whether you are looking for a good cng, diesel or petrol car mechanic or just want a little repair work, going to right person is very important for your vehicle. You can find thousands of auto mechanics in Karachi but who the best out of these. It depends mostly on people reviews, experience and capability of identifying problem quickly and then fix it properly. We have done all the work and compiled here a list of best car mechanics in Karachi.


Makka Autoís Workshop

Makka Auto Workshop is located in Gulshan e Iqbal area has one of the best car mechanics in Karachi. Whether your car is of old or new model, Suzuki or corolla, CNG or Petrol and of any other types. People here are very expert in identifying and solving the problem quickly. So, if you are looking for best car mechanics in Karachi then Maka Auto Workshop is a good place.  

Address: Shop No. 4, Block No. 13/D-3, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Contact No. 0321-2760236


Prime Defence Motors

Prime motors is located in Defence area of Karachi. It is one of the best auto workshop in dha. You can contact and make an appointment through phone number given here. They are expert in Engine overhauling, tuning, clutch, breaks, steering or other repair works. Staff here is very helpful and always ready to listen you. They already have hundreds of happy returning customers from all over Karachi.

Address: 107-C, Bank Al Falah, Phase I, DHA, Karachi

Phone Number: 021-35880051


Star CNG Centre

Star CNG conversion and Tuning Centre is a place for cng engine experts. If you want to convert you car for petrol to gas then just go straight to Star centre and leave the all work on staff. Mechanics also here are very expert in cng engines tuning and overhauling. If you vehicle is not giving or less mileage then donít waist your time and money and contact with Star Workshop.

Address: Shop No. 1, Safari Terrace, Block No. 11, Gulistan e Jauhar, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-34633139


Welcome Autos

Welcome Autos is a perfect place for auto repairing, Wheel alignments, axle work and other types of vehicle diagnostics services. Welcome workshop is located in PECHS Society. People from all over Karachi come here for repairing and maintenance of their vehicles. Staff is trained here for car inspection for any fault or pre check of all related parts. So, Totally it is the best place for your cars of any kind.

Address: Plot No. 77-78, 102 E, Commercial Area, Block No. 6, PECHS, Society, Karachi

Contact no. 021-34535479


Afzal Autos

If you are looking for best auto mechanics but cheap rates then Afzal autos is a could be good choice. They do only what needed and extra work just for money making. Mechanics here are very professional for all types of cars including Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and others. Just give them a test drive and leave all the work on Afazal autos. In few hours or minutes you will be driven a good car.

Address: R-1, Neat Total Petrol Pump, Secotr 32 B, Korangi No. 1, Karachi

Contact No. 0301-2680423


Mutawakkil Autos

At Mutawakiil autos meet with Tariq who is one of the best and Imandar mechanic in the Market. He charges only for your real work and not for fake. His rates are very reasonable but work is of high quality for all types of cars. Although workshop is not very famous all over Karachi but there are hundreds of returning customer.

Address: Mr. Tariq, Mutawakkil Autos, Ayesha Manzil, Karachi

Contact No. 0333-3343429


 Ali autos

Get here expert advice for maintenance and good mileage of your car. If you are not satisfied your old or new model vehicles then just donít waist you more time by thinking and go straight to Ali Autos or contact through phone number. Ali Autos is one of the best Auto Mechanics in DHA Phase I, Karachi. They are experts in Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Cultus, Mehran etc.

Address: Shop No. 50, Defence Garden Apartment, Main Korangi Rd, Phase I, DHA, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-35388947


Ghazi Autos

Whether you have to fix very little fault or engine overhauling, steering, wheel, axle, or any other repairing work, this garage is a best option for maintenance of your car. Good mechanics just check the car or have a test drive and identify the problem immediately. And then the real work starts. So, donít worry about quality of work and just go to the workshop to fix the problem.

Address: Shop No. 26, Nr. Defence Garden, Phase I, DHA, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-35882673



Suzuki, Honda and Toyota Workshops


Every car owner has to go to workshop for some mechanical work. But real question is that how do you choose auto workshop. Weíve made it easy for you by giving here a list of only best auto workshop and mechanics in Karachi. They are expert we have lot of experienced for all types of cars including Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and others. It is recommended by some experts that donít just search for cheap mechanics but they must know their work well. So letís have a look at these best car repairing workshops in Karachi.


 Honda SITE


Although Honda dealerships and workshop can be found in different areas of Karachi including Shahrah e Faisal, Rashid Minhas Road, Korangi, PECHS, Nazimabad, Malir, FB Areas but most people refer its site workshop. All people here are well experience, can diagnose problem in no time, affordable charges and well mannered also. They can repair all makes and models of Honda cars. People from all over Karachi comes here for repairing of their cars.  

Address: C 1, Main Manghophir Road, SITE, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-32577411-2, 32564926, 32570301



Whether you have old model of Charade, Suzuki, Toyota or latest model and want to check your car to only best car mechanic in Karachi then there is no other can do it better than Auto Shade. They offers all types of auto services from little fixture or repairing to complete engine overhauling or small denting painting to complete new look of your car. They have thousands of happy customers because of their good work.  

Address: RB 11/55, Akber Road, Rattan Tallow, Karachi

Contact Numbers: 021-2767217, 0300-2211991


 Deinfa Motors

Deinfa motors is located in DHA Karachi and is one of the best place to rent a car or repair and maintenance of your vehicles. Deinfa offers various auto services including electrical, body repair, denting, painting, engine, brakes, filters, steering and suspension and lot of others. They have state of the art machinery and well experienced and qualified mechanics. Opening hours for Monday to Friday are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday timings is from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Address: 6-8C, 12th Commercial Street, Phase 2 extension, DHA, Karachi

Phone Number: 021-5886356-9


Makka Auto Workshop

If you are looking of best workshop in Gulshan e Iqbal then Makka Autos is one of the best place for car repairing. They are experts in all models of Range Rovers, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan and others. They do their jobs with hearts and souls but their rates are also very cheap compare to other good workshop in Karachi. So it is a combinations of good work with affordable prices.

Address: Shop No. 4, Block No. 13/D, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Contact Number: 0321-2760236


Aleem Autos

Aleem autos is famous for its quality of work and lot of experience. All mechanics here are good knowedge and experience of their works. They are specialist for all types of vehicles. You can ask for tyres, steerings, shocks, timing belts, engines relates work, clutch plates, brakes, pistons and other car jobs.  

Address: 3 Hassan Ali Affandy Road, Karachi

Contact Numbers: 021-7720588


Toyota Eastern Motors

Toyota Eastern is a place where you can buy all Toyota parts and go for your car repairing and maintenance by qualified mechanics. It would be better to contact for advance booking. Working hours for workshop are from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Working day are from Monday to Saturday. If your car is in warranty then you will not be charged for parts and labor.  

Address: 118, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Contact Numbers: 021-34614077, 34614277


Zeeshan Auto Workshop

Address: MA Jinnah Road, Saddar Town, Karachi


Javed Auto Workshop

Address: Barelvi Road, Block No. 1, Nazimabad, Karachi


Naeem Auto Workshop

S 9, MGP Road, SITE area, Karachi


Rabbani Auto Workshop

Address: Hub River Road, Baldia Town 3, Karachi




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