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Birds Wholesale Prices / Rates in Lalukhet Market Karachi. Rates can be different in different Areas of Karachi.


Birds for Sale Price برڈز   (جوڑے)فار سیل ان کراچی

Bajri Parrots Totay Pathay Chicks


بجری پٹھے

Bajri Parrots Totay full


بجری فل سائز پرندے

Fellow parrots


فیلو طوے پٹھے

Fallow budgies


فیلو پرندے

Lutino Patha


لوٹینو پٹھے

Lutino birds


لوٹینو فل سائز پرندے

Fisher Pathay


فشر پٹھے

Fisher Parrots


فشر فل سائز

Cocktail Chicks grey


کاکٹیل گرے رنگ کے پٹھے

Cocktail Birds grey


کاکٹیل برڈز فل سائز

Cocktail Pearl Pathey


کاکٹیل پرل پٹھے

Cotcktail Pearl Full


کاکٹیل پرل فل

Cocktail Red eyes Cream Patha


کاکٹیل ریڈآنکھوں والے پٹھے

Cocktail Red eyes cream full bird


کاکٹیل سرخ آنکھوں والے فل سا ئز پرندے









جاوا برڈ




Here are best sites where you can find birds for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan. All kinds of pet birds are available for sale including java, Australian, Cocktail, lovebirds, fancy, finch, fisher and other. Birds cages are also available through individuals or you can buy beautiful bird cages from market.

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  • Pet Birds
  • Java
  • Cocktail
  • Fisher
  • Fancy Birds
  • Finch
  • Lovebirds
  • Lutino


Parrots for Sale


Parrots are very beautiful pets and everyone loves to keep it at homes. You can see them in different sizes and colours. They can be found from Australia to Argentina and South America. In Pakistan there are various shops that sell Australian, Fisher, Talking, Grey, Green, Lutnio, Bajri and Baby parrots at very affordable prices. There are also some online sites where you can directly buy every kind of pets directly from owners at handsome prices. Parrots live in jungles and eat fruits, cereals, seeds, insects and other species of animals. You can also give them different seeds, fruits, vegetables and special food for birds which are available from all pet shops in Karachi, Lahore and all over Pakistan. These beautiful birds could be kept in small or large cages but you can buy very beautiful and specially built cage from shops. These are available in different sizes, colours and designs.



Talking Grey Parrots for Sale

If looks very strange when some one first see any parrot talking. Most of us already know that green Pakistan parrots can talk. But most famous are African Grey Parrots. They are famous for their friendly and learning behavior. They can talk small sentences and words in English, Urdu, Arabic or any other language after some practice. They just copy words what they listen again and again. If you buy baby grey parrots and practice on daily basis, they can talk what you want to taught them. There are lot of grey parrots are available for sale in Karachi through pet bazaars, shop or on famous buy and sell websites. Talking pets have more price than other birds and animals. Prices of talking birds are not fixed but it totally depends on buyers and sellers deals.


OLX Karachi Birds for Sale

OLX is world top buying and selling site. It is also one of the place to buy kabootar, Pathay, Umbrela Crest Pair, pigeons, eggs and cages.


Birds at Bolee is a Pakistani site. More than 3 thousands ads of birds for sale in overall Pakistan. Black Cheek, full golden buff, finches, titon cockatoo, parrots and other fancy birds and hens for sale.


MH Birds Shop

Address: II chundrigar Rd, near Geo TV Office, Karachi

Contact Number: 0333-3552180


My is not only place to buy or sell birds and other pets buy you can also login in blog, forum and see latest pets pics.

Birds like Cocktail, gray parrots, fancy chicken, bentum chicks and other birds for sale in Karachi at Pet


Birds in Karachi

It is a local website where you can buy or sell everything including birds of all kinds.  Narrow your search by selecting areas from north Karachi, Nazimabad, FB Area, Gulshan, Defence and others.