Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque Lahore History




Shahi Qila or Lahore fort is one of the largest and historical places in Pakistan. Mostly new structure of fort was built by Akbar. Typical Mughal Architecture style can be seen here. Some of the famous places to see in the fort are Sheesh mahal, moti masjid, noulakha etc. Shahi Qila was once damaged by Mongols. After that it was reconstructed again by Balban. Amir Tamoor Army came here.


Firstly, Lahore fort was made of mud by Sultan Mubarak Shah.


It is said that River Ravi was then very near to fort. Shah jahan construct Sheesh Mahal and Moti Masjid, Diwan e Khas.


After that period Aurangzeb came and build Huge Alamgiri Gate. Ranjit Singh came here and rule of Sikhs remain here for 40 years. British took over in 1846. Allama Iqbal Tomb and Shahi Masjid is in front of Lahore fort and Minar e Pakistan is very near to it.


Lahore Fort History




We have chosen this website that gives Complete Information about Lahore Royal fort or Shahi Qila Lahore. You can read here history from 11th Century in between periods, Mughal Empires, Sikhs, British and then Pakistan. Most of the Fort was rebuilt during emperor Akbar from mud to hard bricks. As new kings came they enhance the building in their style, needs and in their lifestyle ways. Read more and also see pictures and maps of Lahore Fort.


Lahore Fort Map





Garden Visit brings Satellite map of Lahore Fort. Or you can also see Google Satellite map of Lahore Fort directly on Google Maps web site. Through this satellite map you can clearly see layout of the Fort, Badshahi Masjid, Minar e Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Tomb and Gurdwara and other places including Lahore walled city, Data Darbar etc.


Lahore fort Pictures


A Right place to know Lahore fort, Its History in brief. You can also see here latest pictures of Lahore fort all parts including Dewan e Aam, Sish Mahal, Naulakha Pavilion and Shah Purj Gate, Hathi Paer or Elephant Path and Alamgiri Gate or Main gate of Fort which is named after King Alamgir A Mughal Emperor.  You can also see pictures of other places inside Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila.