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Jinnah Hospital Lahore is 2nd largest with 1500 beds after Mayo Hospital. It is a Government owned health institute. It is also a teaching hospital and is affiliated with AIMC or Allama Iqbal Medical College. Students of this college are offered here house training and residency jobs. Jinnah Hospital Lahore has best Trauma center where patients are treat with modern medical equipments and medicines.


It offer medical facilities to all including kids, men and women, young and old. Although it is public hospital but its health services are very good and atmosphere is very neat and clean. Patients come here for diseases of eyes, heart, sugar or diabetes, Liver, stomach and children diseases.


Hospital is not old as Mayo but was started in 1994. Jinnah also issues a medical magazine which covers health and medical research, newsletter and other issues. Hospital is located near Punjab University Hostels, Faisal Town and Johar Town. Its list of doctors has famous names including Dr. M. Ali, Dr. Fawad Ahmad and Doctor Qaid Luqman.


Jinnah Hospital Address and Contact Number



 Jinnah Hospital, Molana Shoakat Ali Road, Lahore


Contact No 042-5869660


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Jinnah Hospital Doctors List

Doctor in Jinnah Hospital


Dr. Nauman But


Dr. Sheeraz Abro

General Physician

Dr. Muhammad Hussain

Lung Specialist

Dr. Babar Shezad

General Physician

Dr. Amna Riaz


Dr. Adeel Ahmed

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Tariq Mahmood


Dr. Uzma Habib


Dr. Moazzam Ali Chaudhry

Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Muhammad Adil

Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Muhammad Usman Yaqub

Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Hepatitis B and C

Dr. Salman Khalil Uppal

General Physician

Dr. Usman Mahmood But


Dr. Ehsan Ur Rehman

General Surgeon

Dr. Rafaqat

Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Uzair Hamid

General Physician

Dr. Rashid Hameed

ENT Specialist

Dr. Asaad Madni

General Physician

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Zia

ENT Specialist

Dr. Muhammad Zubair

Internal Organs

Dr. Nasir Siddique


Dr. Rizwan Ali

Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Ammar Nadeem Chauhary


Dr. Zafar Iqbal