Lahore to Karachi Flights



Get here information about Karachi to Lahore flights rates, Schedule, ticket prices, cheap fare. We have also given here flight duration and time from Karachi to Lahore. Some airlines rates are cheap and some are expensive than others. Few flights have stop in between (Multan, Nawab Shah, Sukkur) but mostly are non stop. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are not cheap days of the week comparing to other days. There are almost 14 flights between Lahore to Karachi with large and small aircrafts. Airlines include Shaheen, PIA and Airblue.






Currently ticket prices / rates are from Rs 10,000/- to 15,000 from Lahore to Karachi. But confirm from Official website of PIA before booking. There are 3 to 5 flights daily from Lahore to Karachi daily. Fare and number of flights depends of customers and days of the weeks. flight duration from Lahore to Karachi is almost an hour.


 PIA Flight Schedule

PIA  flight Status or schedule can be downloaded in pdf or xlc formats from official website of PIA. This schedule includes Flight No. Departure and Arrival Timings and Date from here. You can book your seat online. For online booking just select from options of return or one way and dates of departure and arrivals and other details. Many people demands that PIA should consider Concession in fares for Armed Forces of Pakistan, Students, and Senior Students.


Air Blue




Air blue fares are cheap than PIA or others. Although they have not very big aircrafts in their fleets at route of Lahore to Karachi but they have 2 to 3 flights daily. Ticket price is 9700 to 10,000/-. These fares includes all taxes and airports charges etc. tickets for kids and children are also available at cheap rates.

Air blue  main hub is in Karachi. Its daily flights are for all major citeis of Pakistan.  Air blue  destinations are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and others. It is also low fare airlines in Pakistan. It fleet size is 11 and 72 new orders. So we will see more destinations in future.

Air blue is first private airlines in Pakistan with  latest aircrafts. Its business class fares are comparatively equal to economy classes of other flights. air blue has orders for new aircrafts.


Saheen Air


Shaheen air also has few flight to Karachi from Lahore. And ticket rates are also cheap than Pia. Contact with shaheen airline schedule and booking.

Shaheen Air is a low cost Airlines in Pakistan. It is now at No. 2 inside Pakistan travel just behind the Jet Airways. It covers 26 Cities in Pakistan and 5 international destinations. It has only one type of aircrafts (Airbus A320-200s with seating capacity of 180.


Shaheen Air is another Private airline in Pakistan.  Its headquarters is in Karachi. Shaheen Air started its operations in many years ago. It has  tens of aircrafts and new orders for different models. It operates its flights to many destinations



Indus Airways


Indus is newest among all Local airlines in Pakistan. It has flights to all major airports including Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Islamabad and some international flights also.



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