What is the Old Name of Lahore



If your have questions like this “What is old name of Lahore”? Then history tells us that Lahore is very old city and in it was called by many names in different times. But most prominent are two theories.

Today Lahore second biggest city of Pakistan and capital of Province Punjab. It is largest city of Punjab and its population has reached now several millions in few years. Many people from around nearest cities including Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Kasoor, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Sargodha, Jhang and other cities of Pakistan comes here to take admissionsions in Colleges and universities, for business, for jobs and others.


Its all makes Lahore a populated city and it is spread over in several kilometers. It is estimated that in near futures city boundaries wilt touch on one side with Kasoor and other side with Shiekhupura. Lahore city is very old and was home of the Sufi saints, Kings, Invaders, Merchants and traders from centuries. You can see several remains of all those people in many parts of city till now.


There has seen many famous period, wars, peace and much more but city always survived with the passage of time. If we talk about its history then we have to write or read books with thousands of pages from start till now.

This place is also famous for Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Lahore city is mentioned in many places in their religious and history books. For hundreds of years the city is center of political, cultural and tourist activities. Lahore’s Historic buildings also have a global reputation. Some of these includes Jahangir’s Tomb, Lahore fort, Shalamar Bagh, Shahi Masjid and tomb of Asif Jah. There are various Sufi Shrines are also found in different areas of Lahore city. This list has names of Hazra Data Ganj Baksh, Hazrat Mian Mir, Madho Lal Hussain, Hazrat Shah Abu al Moali, Hazrat Moj e Darya Bukhari, Hazrat Ghorray Shah, Hazrat Shah Jamal, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ghuas and many Others. Besides this, Tomb of national Poet Allam Iqbal is also found in front of Lahore fort and Badshahi Mosque. River Ravi was very near to Lahore city than now. Lahore is spread now very far from its real old boundaries.


Very old name was Lavapuri. Loh or Lava was son of Rama or Ram(7th God of Hindus). Check more for Wikipedia. As times passes city we know now become famous as “Lahore”. But it was called by many names. 

Lahore Old names:


  • Lava
  • Loh Awar
  • Lava Puri
  • Shehwar Elahi ka Thikana