List of Presidents of Pakistan



Here is list of all Presidents of Pakistan from 1947 till now. But First President were appointed in 1956. Before this period Pakistan was run by Governor Generals. These Presidents belongs to different Political parties or from Army.

President Name Tenure

1 Iskander Mirza 1956-1958
2 Ayub Khan 1958-1969
3 Yahya Khan 1969-1971
4 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 1971-1973
5 Fazal Ilahi ch. 1973-1978
6 Muhammad Zia ul Haq 1978-1988
7 Ghulam Ishaq Khan 1988-1993
8 Wasim Sajjad 1993-1993
9 Farooq Laghari 1993-1997
10 Wasim Sajjad 1997-1998
11 Muhammad Rafiq Tararr 1998-2001
12 Pervez Musharraf 2001-2008
13 Muhammad Mian Soomro 2008-2008
14 Asif Ali Zardari 2008-2013
15 Mamnoon Hussain 2013


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Total Presidents of Pakistan

Till now from 1956 total number of 15 different presidents have served the Pakistan. First president of Pakistan was Iskander Mirza.

First President of Pakistan

Iskander Mirza is the first President of Pakistan. His tenure is from 23rd March 1956 to 27 October 1958.

Iskander Mirza was born in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in city of Murshidabad. He belonged to a rich or Nawab family. He also served as Governor General of Pakistan from 1955 to 1956.




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