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National Anthem of Pakistan was accepted in 1954. Anthem of Pakistan was written by famous poet Hafeez Jalandhri. Qaumi Tarana was composed by musician Ahmed Chagla. You can listen here and read here Lyrics of national anthem of Pakistan in plain Urdu or roman Urdu and with English translation.

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Download here National Anthem or Qaumi Tarana of Pakistan. Download here in Instrumentalist. This site also provides history of Pakistan, basic facts, people and national flag of Pakistan.



This site provides national anthems for all countries. To download Pakistan National anthem just visit the site and download it for real audio or windows media players. It also has MP3 format instrumental.


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In most of the schools in Pakistan all children are taught national anthem of Pakistan. Every child can sing this anthem. You can find here qomi tarana mp3 free download in video also.



National Anthem Of Pakistan Mp3 Free Download


National Anthem or Qomi / Qaumi Tarana is availale in MP3. You can download for free of any cost for your computers, pc, mobile or laptop. Below are some of best sources where you can download MP3 version of National Anthem of Pakistan.



National Anthem of Pakistan MP3

One of the best places to listen or download Pakistani mili naghmay, qomi tarana and others at pak beauty. Every Pakistani loves to sing this tarana, even children likes it and always try to learn it orally.


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 National Anthem or Quomi Tarana is national song of Pakistan. Our National song was written by Hafeez Jalandhri (a great poet) in early years of Pakistan. Almost it is most sung than any other song in Pakistan. Do you remember assembly of you school. Every student has to sing this national song and almost every one learnt this quomi tarana. You can download or listen here Pakistan National Anthem in  mp3 format. You can also download it completely for your computer and mobile phones.


Qoumi Tarana, National Anthem of Pakistan


Who Wrote Pakistan National Anthem?

Hafeez Jalandhri write Pakistan national Anthem. He was a great poet and also has many other famous poems and poetry in Urdu. Hafeez was born in Jalandhar now in India and was moved to Pakistan after Patrician.