Withholding Tax Rates in Pakistan



According to income tax ordinance  Withholding Tax Rates on Bank Transaction are different for filers and non filers.

 In Pakistan all Bank deduct

 Filers: deduct 0.3% withholding tax amount from Filers

Non-Filer: 0.6% tax is deducted from Non-Filer bank customers.

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 Withholding Taxable Amount

Government of Pakistan has made a rule on which withholding tax is applicable. If a person withdraw amount more than Rs. 50000 then he will have to pay withholding tax as per mentioned above rates. This amount limit (Fifty Thousand) could be reached in a single bank transaction or in different transaction in a day.


Withholding Tax Amount

Here are some calculations of withholding tax deducted on 50000 and 100000 amounts. So that you can have an idea about total tax deduction.


Withdrawl Amount:  50000

Withholding Tax (Filer): 150

Withholding Tax (Non-Filer): 300


Withdrawl Amount:  100000

Withholding Tax (Filer): 300

Withholding Tax (Non-Filer): 600


This tax is deducted on all types of instruments including DD, Pay Order, Online Transfer and others. Weather customer is using any bank i.e (HBL, MCB, UBL, ABL etc), or Money exchange dealers etc, withholding tax will be deducted according to Tax rules of Pakistan.

 Withholding rates on imports, profit on debt, exports, leasing or vehicles, brokerage, purchase of shares are different.