Fish Fry Recipe in Urdu by Zubaida Tariq Videos


Fish Fry Recipes in Urdu by Zubaida Tairq, Chef Zakir, You can cook fish in very different styles but most famous are fried, figure, Lahore, Crispy, Masala and Dahaka fried fish.



Fish:                                        500 gm

Salt:                                         to taste

Black Pepper:                           1 tsp

Gram flour:                                5 tsp

Rice flour:                                 5 tsp

Turmeric:                                  Half tsp

Red chili:                                  1 tsp

Water:                                      1 cup

Oil:                                           to fry

Spice mix (Chaat Masala):         to taste



  • Marinate fish pieces with salt, black pepper and lemon juice for half hour.
  • Now mix gram flour, rice flour, turmeric and red chili powder in a bowl and make paste with water.
  • Coat fish pieces with this paste and deep fry in fry pan till dark brown.
  • Sprinkle some Chaat Masala on fried fish according to taste.



By Zubaida Tariq

Zubaida Tariq is a famous chef and has made almost every type of recipes including fried fish. You can find here recipes in Urdu from various sites including videos on, Khanapakana and many others. There are lot of printed books of recipes are also available in book shops written by Zubaida Tariq. Although in Pakistan there are hundreds of famous cooks but She is at top in the list of most famous because of her style is unique and different than others. If you want to cook crispy fried fish this winter which every one in your family like then just have a look at these recipes.



Collection of videos by Zubaida Tariq in which you can only find fish fry recipes. It has crispy fried fish, chilli garlic, Figure fish, Burger, Mustard oil and prawns. You can also check other methods of cooking fish with other ingredients such as in Biryani, Mandhurian, Achar and many others.


Pintrest is popular social network site and has lot of information about every topic. You can also find here hundreds of fish fried recipes by famous cooks including Zubaida Tariq in Urdu. Most of the recipes are by HUM TV Masala TV program “Handi”. Recipes have complete information such as ingredient name, measurement and preparation method.


 Chef Zakir Dailymotion Videos (Fried Fish)

Have you never heard about Chef Zakir. He is not less popular than any Singer superstar in Pakistan. Although he is a chef but is very famous for his simple and easy recipes. You can make his recipes in minutes with simple ingredient. You can find here dailymotion videos of fry fish by Chef Zakir which he has already made in different cooking shows and programs including Masala TV and Zaiqa etc.


Fry Fish Recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

Very simple fried fish recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir. It has ingredient including Fish Flay, Eggs, Corn Flour, Lemon, Ginger, Red Chilli and others.

Dailymotion Video

Watch here 10 minutes video of Fried Fish by Chef Zakir in Zaiqa TV. He is not only a good cook but also is very kind human being. You can contact directly with his facebook, email or twitter account. And surely you will also find reply from him. So, just enjoy this video of dailymotion by Zakir.





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