Ice Cream Recipes in Urdu



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Some of the best best Ice Cream Shop in Karachi are Gelato Affair at Mubarak Shaheed rd, Karachi, Hot Spot at Tauheed commercial area DHA and Movenpick in Clifton. Chamman at Mall rd Lahore is very famous and oldest Ice cream Shop in Lahore. Other ice cream shops in Lahore are malee’s Café, near Apwa College, Marble stones at MM Alam rd, The Hot Spot at DHA Lahore. Islamabad also has some best shops of Ice cream including Bouzat at I-8 Markaz, Gelato at F7-3, Hot Spot at F7-3, marble Stone at F-7 near FG girls college and Rakaposhi Bakery and parlour at Khayaba e Suharwardy Islamabad


ICE Cream Recipes in Urdu


Usually, you go to some ice cream shop or point in your city to enjoy your favorite flavor including mango, vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, snow and others. There are lots of ice creams recipes available on net. We have selected here some of bet websites where you can learn “How to make Ice Cream at home”.

Homemade Ice Cream, Falooda,  Qulfi

One of the best places to learn how to make ice cream at home with these easy methods. You can also make Chocolate, Fruit, Almond and mango Ice Cream. Other recipes of Falooda and Qulfi are also available here in Urdu.


Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Kids like mango ice cream; you can also make this flavour at home. It is very easy recipe in Urdu. Learn here proper way to make this ice cream.


Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

You required double cream, milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla essence to make yummy vanilla ice cream. Any one can make this recipe without any prior experience. All recipes are found here in Urdu.


Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Another favorite flavour of ice cream is Chocolate. It is liked by kids and elders also. If you have all ingredients then making this ice cream is not very difficult. You will require milk, sugar, cream, milk powder and chocolate powder.

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Ice Cream Recipes in Urdu



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