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Top 10 Unique Birthday Gifts Ideas For Men



Here are some best top new birthday gifts Ideas for Men. These are totally new and Men would love these. These ideas are selected from thousands of gifts and totally match with Menís nature and thinking.

1.       Your own handwritten love story

Present him your own hand written love story. It includes all of your sweet times with him and mention some funny moments too. You can write your past year or your whole life with him. In some cases you could also write your future planning.

2.       Travel Destination Map

Give him a details travel map so he could pin his favorite travel destination around the country and world. Map should be presented in a beautiful wood frame. You can also attach your message with it.

3.       Personalized Family Tree

A family tree with personalized names of every member of family on branches of tree. You can create it by yourself or make an order to some specialist of crafts. You can also write a message below or above that tree.

4.       Dinner at Best Restaurant of Town

Give him a dinner at some of the best place or restaurant in town. It means that rare opportunity and he never went before there or one of his favorite restaurant. But it is important that your know his taste very well.

5.       Wireless Headphone for TV

A wireless headphone for TV is one of the convenient gifts for him. These are available in different shapes and for distances. Some times it comes in pair of Headphone for two people.

6.       Portable Hammock

Portable Hammock are one of best way for relax and every one love it. It can be adjusted in minutes. It is light weight and can store very quickly anywhere and very easy to transfer. Its frame is built by wood, steel or plastic.

7.       Menís Slippers

Buy some famous brand Menís Slippers. These are very comfortable, soft and warm. It comes in different colors but dark colors are very favourite. Mostly are also washable and its sole are made of different materials. Slippers have comparatively low prices.

8.       Do it yourself Manual

Some times it is impossible to call a technician for little jobs at homes and office. So every one need manual of DIY or Do it yourself kind of instructions. So it is a great idea to present him a Do It Yourself guidebook.

9.       Menís Running Shoes

Give him a Nice, well-known brand of Running Shoes. He would love it. These shoes should be stylish, comfortable and of proper size. This gift is also helpful for his health.

10.   Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are very beautiful trees and could be decorated at offices and homes.  These are small in size but it looks like big trees. These are very easy to transfer anywhere. Bonsai trees are good luck symbol from hundreds of years.


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