Abdullah Name Meaning in Urdu and Lucky Number


Abdullah Name Meaning in Urdu

اللہ کا بندہ ۔ اللہ کی عبادت کرنے والا

Lucky Number

 2, 7 and 9

Lucky Stone


Favorable Colors

   Red and Violet


logical, thoughtful, well-informed

Famous People

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan, Abdullah Kadwani

Meaning in English

Servant of Allah

Other Spelling of Abdullah

Abdullah, Abdollah, Abd

Mostly Used in

Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK

Boy Name / Girl Name

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Name in Urdu


Name Origin



Read here about meaning of "Abdullah" name in Urdu language. Abdullah is a boy name in different parts of the world. This is very famous Islamic names. "Abdullah" Name Origin is Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Hazrat Abdullah was father of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This name is now also poplar in Africa, Asia and other parts. This name "Abdullah" is mostly used by Muslims in Pakistan, India, Saudi Abdullah, Middle East, Europe, US and many other parts of the world.  




Favorable colours:

   Red and Violet

Stone:  Ruby

Lucky Number:    2, 7 and 9



People with name Abdullah are logical, thoughtful, well-informed, studious, independents, brave, exploratory, proof oriented and realistic.


Abdullah name meaning in Urdu:   Abdullah Meaning

Abdullah Name Meaning in English:  Slave of Allah, Servant of Allah


Famous People with name "Abdullah"

King Abdullah: King of Saudi Arabia.

Omar Abdullah: Son of Farooq Abdullah (Indian Kashmir).

Abdullah Ibrahim: (Dollar Brand) A famous Pianist from South Africa

Abdullah Qureshi: A new singer (Tere Liye, sufi medley)

Abdullah Farhatullah: Karachi based TV Anchor.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi: A saint and has tomb in Karachi.

Abdullah Abdullah: Afghan Presidential Candidate.








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