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Abiha Name Meaning in Urdu

حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ کا نام

Lucky Number


Lucky Stone


Favorable Colors

Red, Blue, Pink


Friendly, Straight Forward

Famous People

حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ کا نام

Meaning in English

حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ کا نام

Other Spelling of Abiha

Abeeha, Abeha, Abiha, Abbiha

Mostly Used in

Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK

Boy Name / Girl Name

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Name in Urdu

ابیہہ ۔ ابہیا

Name Origin




These Days Abiha name is very famous not only in Pakistan but also other parts of the world especially in Muslim families. Its trend is going high and high and you can find many girls with the same name in almost every girl's school and college. It is also spelled Abeeha and even Nabiha. It is only used for girls and its origin is Arabic. In many websites it is mentioned that Abiha is nick name of Hazrat Fatima Razi Allah Tala Anha (could be confirmed from any Islamic Scholar).


Abiha Name Meaning in Urdu

Abiha Meaning in Urdu

Abiha Name is very beautiful name and is also very common many Arab Countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria and others. Its meaning is "Her Father". In wikipedia is stated that "She was given name "Umm e Abiha" by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Abiha Name Qualities and Personality

Abeeha or Abiha is not a new name but is very old. Every name is associated with some qualities. Some of which are given below.

  • People which this name is very friendly and they are naturally warm hearted and bighearted. For these reason they always make friends very easily.

  • They feels very hard to work as some one's subordinate because they cant accept conciliation and opinion easily.

  • They are just straight forward, direct and consistent kind of people. Diplomacy is very rare in Abiha Name Girls.

  • Abeeha always feels Bossy, Strict and ready to Arguments in every day life matters even in families, schools and offices.

  • These people just want easy money and always think about it all the time even before going to bed.

  • These are fond of sweet food items and other good food habits can cause those over weight and can give them chubby look.

    Misunderstanding and misinterpretation with others can cause you problem in everyday life routines. So give some time to understand other people and situation and never hurry to make decisions.


    Abiha Health Complications

    Abiha might have or could face some health issues including Acne, psoriasis, Eczema, Warts, canker sores, fungal nail infection and mouth ulcers.

Favourite Colors


Because Abiha is full of life for this reason she is fond of all rich color including red, blue, pink and even white to some extent. But her taste can vary in food colors, dress, shoes and other items.


Abiha Goals, Ambitions and other Personality traits

Girls with name "Abeeha or Abiha" can give good performance through admiration and friendliness by people in family, friends, business or offices. She might be very sensitive with her relation to parents, family members and friends. Other people can impress her very easily due to personality. Abiha has good and strong skills of business can run a successful business of garments, law firms, property, education and few others. For complete success in any field of life she must have to give full concentration, hard work and finally and most important is discipline. They never feel satisfaction about what they are doing right now and want to try something else in every field. She is also fond of cooking, house work and creative arts. Other people have to face problem in changing her ideas because these people are very choosy kind of.  Disappointment and anxiety are also part of their characters.

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