Anaya Name Meaning in Urdu and Lucky Number


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Name Meaning in Urdu

   دیکھ بھال کرنے والی  -  سرپرست  -  حامی

Lucky Number


Lucky Stone

Ruby and Diamond

Favorable Colors

Red, Violet


Courageous, Carefull

Famous People


Meaning in English

kind, Guardian, defender







Anya is very old name used in Muslims and is equally popular in Arab world and other countries and is full of positive and negative traits. You can find this name in every school and college but with similar or various other last names including Khan, Ahmed, Shah etc.  We have given here full details about Anya meaning in Urdu, famous people with this name and other.


Name Meaning


Anaya is Muslim baby name and is mostly used in Arab countries and its trend is also going very high also in Pakistan and other parts of the world. It is good name with excellent meanings as well. You can find here Anaya Meaning in Urdu, English and know more about what is its lucky number, qualities etc. You can also read here its negative and positive traits, best careers and other personality behaviors and characteristics.


Favorable colours:  Red, Violet

Stone:  Ruby and Diamond

Lucky Number:  0

Qualities:  She is courageous and always try to look after can care others than herself. Read more qualities of her below with details.


Anaya Name meaning in Urdu: Daikh Bhal Karney Wali, Sarparast, Haami دیکھ بھال کرنے والی  -  سرپرست  -  حامی

Anaya Name Meaning in English: kind, Guardian, defender


Anaya Personality


Name Anaya integrates lot of qualities and features including inspiration, Originality, enthusiasm and full of nature Loving person. These people are full of love, mankind, and care are good life partners and could be best friends who are always ready to help anyone especially their support is for family, friends and others. Their compassion and kindness are no doubt original and is without any greed of return. They have very good sense of humor and bounty which is only to make other people happy and blissful. But their friends and family member should keep in mind that persons with the Anaya could be hurt easily by your harsh words or acts. These people donít like aggression, fights, hard talks and hostility in daily life routines but they are very forgiving person which and always try to remain friendly.


If you are parents, elders, Boss, Friends, or brother / Sister of Anaya then just appreciate and cheer her and then see what she can do in studies, jobs and other important tasks in life. Although there are thousands of career choices in this world but Sales, HR, Art and Teaching could be best among all. Donít step into many tasks at a time but just select single work and do it with full consistency and give full attention to it. Your scatter thinking can create hurdles in your business and other acts of life.  Try to not put every thing for last moments but think, plan and do it lot before systematically. Sometimes people with the name Anaya can also create troubles for themselves with their habits of cleverness, eloquence and versatility.


You acts without forethoughts are unpredictable because you are doing these without any long planning and scheduling. You are a person who likes unprompted and surprises in every stage of life whether it is your job, business, careers, relations or anything else in daily life routines. Although people with the name Anaya are famous for their caring nature, hospitality and home loving person but they also want some change and into their homes. Humor is a must part of their life and they even are very good at making jokes of themselves easily and can laugh at their own acts. They donít like to criticize other without any reason or also don like to revenge for some kind of unreasoning desires.


Over eating of sweet, desserts and other foods can cause problems to their Liver and other organs of body. They can also have some kind of skin problems, migraine and headache frequently in their life period. So think about your diet to remain fit and healthy.


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