Awesome Meaning in Urdu

Wondering what is meaning of Awesome in Urdu? We are going to tell you about what is Awesome Meaning in Urdu and English?  You have heard this word from lot of people, its Urdu meaning shandar, zabardast, haraan kun, bohat aala etc.  Learn more about Awesome means in English and Urdu language, its synonyms, quotes and phrases below.


Awesome meaning

Meaning in Urdu Hindi Telugu and English

Awesome meaning in Urdu

زبردست، شاندار، بہت اعلیٰ، قابلِ تعریف

Looking Awesome

بہت اچھے لگ رہے ہو۔

Freaking Awesome

بہت ہی لاجواب۔

You Look Awesome

تم بہت اچھے نظر آ رہے ہو۔ تم بہت اچھے لگ رہے ہو۔

Those Days Were Awesome

وہ دن بہت ہی اچھے تھے

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

بہت اچھا ہونے کے لیے مت بھولنا

You’re Awesome

آپ لاجواب ہیں۔

Feeling Awesome

بہت اچھا لگ رہا ہے

Just Awesome

صرف بہت اچھا

You Both Are Looking Awesome

آپ دونوں بہت زبردسست لگ رہے ہو

Its Awesome

یہ بہیت ہی زبردست ہے۔

Awesome Meaning in Hindi

बहुत बढ़िया

Awesome meaning in English

Tremendous, Great, Superb

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Looking Awesome meaning in Urdu

بہت اچھا لگنا، بہت شاندار دکھائی دینا

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Awesome Meanings in English

Word Awesome is used in different situation.  You can use Awesome to express your feeling of appreciation and happiness to others when you want to give remarks such as great, amazing, splendid, wonderful, terrific, outstanding etc to others. We are going to tell you here about more similar words, few phrases and meaning in Urdu. It is a kind of feeling.


Other Meanings / Synonyms of Awesome are

  • Tremendous

  • Great

  • Superb

  • Remarkable

  • Amazing

  • Inspiring

  • Splendid

  • Marvelous

  • Wonderful

  • Terrific

  • Outstanding


Awesome Phrases / Sentences

  1. Mankind history has proved that human has invented thousands of things because we have awesome abilities which other species don’t have. But most of the times it requires some hard work, lot of thinking and experiments.

  2. He is an awesome player and always makes new world records in every game he played till now and we hope he will do it again. For these reasons he is still a captain of the team from last 10 years or more and still fit and active as once he was.

  3. People around me, in my office, in my house all are awesome and I am spending my life great. This is the thinking everyone of use should have and a positive behaviors towards other makes us more successful in every aspect of life.

  4. My teacher is awesome person. He always kind, encouraging and cheering to me. All students, staff members and even principle of institute praise his abilities and efficacy. We also are very happy on these compliments.

  5. Pakistan future is very bright in spite of bad conditions these days. Because people here are have great skills and awesome thinking about their country and people. Everyone here wants prosperity and success in Agriculture, Industry, economy etc.

  6. Today there are full chances that Pakistan would win because all conditions are awesome and Pakistan already has won the toss. Captain of the team will decide whether to bat or ball first according to the weather and pitch conditions.

  7. She is very young and have not much experience but are performing much better then her fellow gymnasts due to her awesome flexibility and capabilities. Coach believes that she could become a national player one day or will perform in upcoming Olympic games after few years.

  8. New ruler of Pakistan has awesome personality and we can see a good change in the country only in first few weeks. We all hope that every one will get now justice whether poor or rich but some of his ministers are doing well and are recruiting people directly in their respective department above the law.


Awesome  Meaning in Urdu

Word “Awesome” is in list of few mostly used words in the world. There are lot of new words, terms and sentences are included these days very quickly. Awesome meanings in Urdu are Shandar, Bohat Aala, qabil e tareef etc.   

Awesome Mean in Urdu






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